Plumbing systems provide pests with water, food, and hiding places. Do not forget that pests can cause damage and spread diseases even while out of view. You must be proactive in pest-control measures to keep the animals away from your plumbing system. The following measures should help you keep your plumbing system pest-free.

1. Prevent and Deal With Leaks

Both freshwater and drain leaks increase the risk of pest infestation. Freshwater leaks can attract pests since: Drain leaks also create moist environments, which attract pests for the same reasons as above. However, drainage leaks also contain organic wastes that pests feed on. Even the drain smells attract some pests, such as flies. Below are some tips to prevent plumbing leaks in the house: Routine plumbing maintenance can take care of most of these issues.

2. Prevent Condensation

Anything that leads to pooling water or moisture issues can lead to the same problems as above. For example, you might think you have a plumbing leak while the issue is condensation. Condensation on plumbing pipes or appliances occurs when warm moist air meets cold plumbing surfaces and condenses. Prevent plumbing condensation with these tips: A plumber can help you diagnose and deal with the condensation problem.

3. Prevent Slow Drains and Backups

As outlined above, drain backups comprise water and organic wastes that attract pests. Even slow drains that leave water standing in the sinks or on the floor (such as bathroom floors) attract pests. Drain backups occur when something blocks the drain, and the wastes have nowhere to go. Backups usually start as slow drains. The slow drains turn into backups if you continue using your plumbing without solving the slow drains. For example, you might have drain backups if: Use these tips to prevent drain backups: Act fast if your drains slow down or block. For example, you can use hot water, an auger, or a plunger to get the toilet water flowing. Call your plumber if your efforts do not work. Wastes will accumulate within the pipes and backup if you delay. Dial One Johnson has over 55 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Contact us for plumbing installations, maintenance, and repair to enjoy our professional services.
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