Common Air Conditioner Problems Cedar Hill Homeowners Face

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If owning a home is the American dream, a broken HVAC system in the middle of the summer is an American nightmare. Follow along for some typical AC problems and a few tips to minimize them. 


Dirt Problems

The most common air conditioner problem homeowners face is dirty components. While most people know that you should change your air filter regularly, dirt causes more trouble than just a clogged filter. In addition to keeping the air inside your home clean, the filter keeps dust, dirt, dander, and allergens out of the internal parts of the air handler. Excessive dust and contamination on the evaporator coil can act as an insulator  and restrict the heat flow from the home to the coil. Dirt can also clog pressure and temperature sensors within the unit and cause the air coming from the vents to be warm when it should be cold. Outside of the air handler, dirt can clog the condensation drain line and cause water to back up and stop the system from running or even flood and cause water to leak into your home. 



Leaks are another common problem. A common leak comes from the refrigerant system, which uses a gas to move heat from inside the home to outside. The leak can come from a corroded evaporator or condenser coil, a damaged air conditioning line, or even a worn gasket or seal. Water leaks and ingress are also common. Without proper HVAC maintenance,  the outside coil gets dirty, and water can build up at the base allowing water to run into the control circuits and compressor assembly, shorting out the electric components.  Air leaks are less common and difficult to locate, so it is recommended to contact a professional when one of the air ducts leak, the conditioned air fills the wall cavity or attic space instead of cooling the air in your home.


Abnormal Noises

Abnormal noise is also a frequent issue. When the outside unit turns on and makes a rhythmic ticking noise, it could be a bad compressor, a bent fan blade, or a failing fan motor. A hissing noise could mean the refrigerant charge is low or there is a refrigerant leak. Noises can also come from foreign objects in the air vents. Homeowners with pets or small children frequently find food and toys lost inside and mimic the sound of a severe failure. 


What To Do

No matter the problem that homeowners face with their HVAC systems, a properly working air conditioner is essential to a comfortable Arlington home. Installing a high-quality home air conditioner is the start of a trouble-free HVAC system. Regular routine maintenance every six months is recommended to keep repairs to a minimum and your system running at its peak performance. An AC tune-up consists of replacing the filters, correcting the refrigerant levels, adjusting the thermostat, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, load testing the cooling capacity, and performing an overall safety inspection. 


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