6 Considerations to Make During an AC Unit Installation

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Air conditioners provide much-needed cooling during the summer heat, so ensure you get the right AC system model for your home. A poor AC unit installation results in inadequate cooling, frequent maintenance, and expensive repair costs. Consider the factors below during an AC unit installation.


1. Budget


An AC unit is a significant investment, and many homeowners want to save as much money as they can when shopping for an air conditioner. However, costlier cooling systems are often better long-term investments, as they are packed with energy-efficient features and carry better warranties. Premium models also need less maintenance and can outperform inexpensive air conditioners in cooling your home.


2. Sizing


Sizing is an important consideration during an AC system installation, as undersized and oversized air conditioners cause cooling issues. A model that is too big for your house cools the air too quickly without removing excess humidity, resulting in a clammy interior. Many people assume that oversized air conditioners offer better cooling, but they only drive up your utility bills.


Undersized systems aren’t great either, as they struggle to maintain the desired temperatures. You can also expect higher energy costs, as undersized air conditioners constantly run without cooling your home.


An AC unit’s technician considers many factors when sizing your air conditioners, such as room size, room height, humidity levels, and number of residents. The calculations are more complex for whole-house cooling systems, as the technician must consider every room’s dimensions, number and type of windows, and ceiling height.


3. Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is vital, as it directly impacts your energy bills and your system’s lifespan. Environmentally conscious homeowners often favor energy-efficient air conditioners since they use less energy, resulting in a lower environmental impact than inefficient systems.


Before installing an AC unit, familiarize yourself with the ratings that indicate the efficiency of various models. The Energy Star Rating certifies that an appliance has passed the energy-efficiency expectations the U.S. Department of Energy has set. Energy-certified AC systems use about less energy than comparable models, resulting in energy savings.


EER and SEER ratings are other important certifications to check before AC unit installation. A unit with high SEER and EER ratings has advanced technologies to save energy while keeping your home cool.


4. Ductwork Condition


Inefficient ductwork is a common cause of energy loss and inadequate cooling. Over time, your ductwork accumulates dirt, debris, and cracks, affecting how well your AC system distributes cool air in all areas of your home.


When you install a high-quality AC unit but don’t clean or repair the ducts, you can miss out on the benefits of your cooling system. So, have an AC system’s expert check the ductwork’s condition and seal any gaps to keep cold air in your rooms.


5. Durability


AC units are quite costly, so you likely want a system with a long lifespan that your family can rely on for comfort. Repair costs also add up quickly if you have a low-quality system. So, pay attention to a unit’s specifications, and consult an AC system’s technician to get a high-quality model that remains in optimal condition for a long time.


6. Quality Installation


Your choice of an AC system’s technicians also matters since it affects the operation of your new cooling system. Often, homeowners attempt to save installation costs by doing it themselves or hiring unqualified technicians. However, poorly installed air conditioners operate improperly, waste energy, and attract frequent repair costs. You will likely replace the system earlier than expected due to worn-out parts.


Professional air conditioner consultants evaluate your cooling needs, recommend the best systems, and link your new AC unit to the necessary components, such as the ductwork. Then, the technicians double-check that every part of the AC system works as expected and guarantee performance via an installation warranty.


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