How Often Should AC Coils Be Cleaned?

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Not every homeowner is an expert in maintaining their AC unit. However, after reading this blog you’ll become more familiar with how your unit works and why your coils should be regularly cleaned. The coils in the air conditioning system should be professionally cleaned every year for highest quality performance. No one wants something as preventable as dirty coils to ruin their unit and cause expensive damages. 

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Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is crucial to the function of an AC unit. The evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat from the air inside of the unit. There are two parts to an air conditioning system that make it work better: the indoor and outdoor units. 

The outdoor unit contains the compressor and the condenser coil, whereas the indoor unit contains the blower fan and the evaporator coil. The blower will blow air over the evaporator coil which allows the refrigerant to become cold. The refrigerant then vaporizes and absorbs heat that flows through the outside unit. If you believe you are having issues with your evaporator coil, contact a Residential HVAC service in Red Oak, TX for AC repair.  

Condenser Coils 

The condenser coil is the second group of coils that work to keep your unit functioning. The condenser coil works with the compressor in the outdoor unit to push hot air outside of the home. 

Once the refrigerant is vaporized and absorbs the heat, it is sent into the condenser coil to be eliminated outside. Due to the mechanics of the air conditioner, having normal levels or refrigerant is vital for maintaining the function of absorbing hot air. The condenser coil needs to stay clean to remove warm air out of the outside unit otherwise problems may arise.

Benefits of Clean Coils 

When it comes to your air conditioning system, clean evaporator and condenser coils are a must. Here are some benefits to keeping the evaporator and condenser coils dirt-free: 

  • Clean coils save money on energy bills. The condenser coils need to be clean to release the heated air outside the home. 
  • The air conditioner lifespan is longer when the coils are clean. Dirty coils tend to make your compressor work harder which overworks the system and leads to replacement or repairs. 
  • Decreases the need for unnecessary repairs. Clean coils result in fewer service calls. 

Preventing the evaporator and condenser coils from getting dirty will help to avoid damaging the rest of the unit in the future. If the coils dont work properly, neither can the rest of the unit – this ultimately leads to system breakdowns. 

Cons of Dirty Coils 

Condenser coils get dirty very easily because they are located outside and because this is where outside air is absorbed into the unit. The dirt will also land on the evaporator coil. Read further for some negative effects of dirty coils: 

  • Dirty coils force the HVAC system to use more energy. The dirt makes it harder for the coils to do their jobs in the unit. This leads to increased energy usage. 
  • The unit will have a harder time cooling your home because the condenser coil is not able to release the heat outside. The evaporator coil will then not be able to properly absorb the heat. 
  • The overworked unit will lead to increased wear and tear. Not only will this result in more repairs, but also a shortened equipment lifespan. 

No homeowner should ever have to experience these negative effects from their air conditioning unit. The best way to avoid all of this is to keep your unit well maintained. 

How Often Should I Clean My AC Coils?

Getting your evaporator and condenser coils cleaned should be at the top of your spring cleaning list. It’s highly recommended to schedule a cleaning at least once a year. However, there are some factors that may increase this rate. For example, where you live can be a factor due to pollution. In bigger cities, there is a higher rate of pollution which will increase the need for cleanings. If this is the case, it’s better to be safe at two cleanings per year. 

Age is another factor. The older the unit, the more cleanings it will need for it to run like normal. Overall, frequent tune ups and cleanings will keep your system running like new. 

AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance should occur at least twice a year. It’s recommended to schedule maintenance for the spring, to get ready for summer, and for the fall, to refresh the unit after working hard in the summer. AC maintenance helps to keep your unit running smoothly and avoid unnecessary repairs. 

Avoiding repairs with maintenance will save you money and increase your unit’s lifespan. Make sure to schedule a few months in advance for maintenance because many homeowners will be jumping at the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their unit. Contact your local HVAC technician for air conditioning maintenance in Red Oak, TX. 

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