Why You Should Avoid DIY Plumbing Just to Save Money

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If you are having a plumbing issue, you’ve probably gone on the internet already to find out where the problem could be. One of the things that you cannot miss during your search is a list of DIY (do-it-yourself) Cedar Hill plumbing solutions that promise to save your money and time.

But before you start your list for the hardware store, take some time to do the math. If we are talking about basic things like unclogging a bathroom sink or replacing a tap handle, doing it on your own might save you the fees and time you would spend waiting for a plumber. 

However, for plumbing issues that you don’t fully understand, hiring the services of a plumbing pro is your best bet. Here’s why:

You Might Worsen the Problem

What looks like a small leak or clogged drain might be the sign of a bigger problem. Fixing it on your own will provide a temporary solution but it can only last for so long. If you find yourself repairing the same issue over and over, you might be doing more harm than good. 

Since you aren’t a plumber, you might be doing everything wrong (sorry), and this only makes it worse. Somewhere down the line, you’ll be dealing with unresolved, faulty plumbing that is likely to cost you more money and time than you would spend hiring a plumber. 

You Could Void an Appliance’s Warranty

Many plumbing appliances come with a warranty booklet that requires only a licensed plumber to operate them. As long as you follow that rule, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product if it breaks down within the warranty period.

Using DIY solutions to fix plumbing problems associated with your appliances might automatically void their warranty. This means that you, and not the manufacturer, will shell out for any future repair or replacement costs. 

DIY Plumbing Can Affect Other Parts of the House

The effects of DIY plumbing that’s not done right can extend to many other areas of the house, not just the water system. 

For instance, a water heater that’s not producing hot water might have both electrical and plumbing issues. If you try to diagnose or repair the problem through DIY solutions, you might be interfering with other things unknowingly, like cutting off the electricity or causing a gas leak.

Pipe or sink leakages that are not solved by a licensed plumber might continue to leak and cause untold damage to the walls.

You Don’t Have the Expertise to Diagnose the Issue Correctly

Just like any household repair, successful plumbing begins with diagnosing the problem accurately. Without the skills of a plumber, you might think you have a small leak while in the real sense, all your pipes need replacing. 

This means that first, you’ll not solve the real issue which will come back later as a bigger dilemma, and second, you’ll be spending money on the wrong places. 

A simple “plumbers near me” Google search will reveal tons of professionals near your area who can detect and solve your plumbing problem permanently.  

Non-Compliant Plumbing Can Present Problems While Selling a House

Among the many checks that will be carried out on your house when you are looking to sell is non-compliant plumbing. The Texas state laws provide plumbing codes that every residential, commercial or industrial building should comply with. 

Every licensed Cedar Hill plumber understands and will follow these guidelines while making repairs and fixtures. If you choose to DIY your plumbing problems, it’s unlikely that you’ll comply with these codes.

Buildings with non-compliant plumbing might sell for less than they should or force you to make repairs before selling.   

You Don’t Know How to Differentiate Between Inferior and Superior Plumbing Parts

Besides knowing how to fix a plumbing problem, you’ll still need to understand the different parts and pipes that you need and which ones are superior quality. In addition, some types of pipes are compatible and work best with specific parts. These are some of the things that you’ll need to learn before you can begin a DIY plumbing project. 

Without the right parts, any repair you perform is not likely to last and might cause additional issues. A skilled plumber, on the other hand, knows this and will only work with the best materials for a long-lasting solution. 

You Might Need to Buy or Lease Plumbing Tools

When DIY plumbing solutions talk about saving money, most overlook or fail to account for the cost of the repair tools. The truth is that in the long run, even the most basic of these tools become more expensive than hiring a professional plumber. 

Due to this cost, most homeowners fixing plumbing issues on their own have to work with minimal or improvised tools that might not be effective or even safe.      

You Risk Sustaining a Serious Injury

Plumbing accounts for the top five causes of occupational construction accidents. Plumbers are at risk of suffering from strains, eye injuries, loss of hearing, long-term exposure to toxic substances, burns and cuts. 

When you DIY your plumbing problems, you are putting yourself at risk of these injuries as well. Worse, since you are not a plumber, you don’t quite understand the actual hazards and the safety measures you should be taking.

It’s also important to remember that product manufacturers and even your insurance company might not be liable for any injuries suffered while fixing your plumbing like this.  

Contact a Cedar Hill Plumbing Expert

As opposed to DIY plumbing, hiring a professional plumber not only saves you time and money, but also injuries and future housing complications. Fixing plumbing issues on your own may end up costing you more by escalating a minor problem or affecting other areas of the building.

A plumber will use their expertise and experience to diagnose a problem, fix it, and even offer maintenance advice on how to prevent similar complications. 

Get professional cedar hill plumbing by calling Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating at (469) 240-5618 or fill our contact form to learn more. 

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