How to Avoid Hair Clogs in Your Drain

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When you shower are you standing in a lake of water that never seems to drain? This is a common issue that occurs due to hair clogging up your drains. Every homeowner should take preventative steps to ensure that one hair clog doesn’t turn into a costly repair or replacement. A hair catcher is the easiest way to avoid hair clogs and can help without the need for bulkier tools. 


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Find out how to avoid hair clogs in the drain by using these easy tips and tricks.

Hair Catcher

Buying a hair catcher is an easy and cost effective way to prevent hair clogs in your drain. You can buy this handy device in any store or online shopping platform. It is easy to insert and when the hair fills up the catcher, all you have to do is toss the hair in the trash can. 


The hair catcher stops hair and other debris from going into your drain and creating a blockage. If you do not have one, you can also buy a kitchen sink strainer or a dryer sheet. These are both temporary options that will work properly until you are able to buy a hair catcher. 

Prevent Loose Hair

Stopping hair from going down the drain is tedious, but will be worthwhile to make this a conscious effort. Before taking a bath or shower, make sure to brush your hair. This will allow for any loose hairs to be caught in the hair brush. You can also do this with your children and pets before they get in the bathtub. 


Another way to stop the hair from going down the drain is to put any loose hair to the side if you notice it falling. These easy efforts can help to prevent hair clogs in your bathtub or shower drain. 

Clear the Drain by Yourself

By the time you notice that the drain is blocked there is not much you can do to prevent it from getting any worse. The only option is to clear the drain yourself. You can use a plastic, toothed drain stick to pull the hair clog out. 


When you pull it back up, the hair will be wrapped around the drain stick. It may be a good idea to wear gloves because this can get messy. If you are unable to reach the clog using a residential drain stick, call an expert plumber for drain and sewer inspections. 

Use Hot Water 

Another way to help remove hair clogs is to run water through all the drains in your plumbing system. This is easier than using a drain snake and takes away the mess. All you have to do is fill up all the tubs and sinks in your home with hot water. 


Then, drain the tubs and sinks along with flushing all of the toilets at the same time. Running hot water through all of the pipes should help to break down any hair clogs and remove it through the use of force. Have many people help you to get it done fast and easy. 


Use Natural Solutions

Natural solutions can be a benefit to your pipes because it will deter any corrosion and cause less failure in your plumbing system. Pouring hot water down the drain will break down any clogs that are near the surface. 


To get a clog that is lower in the drain, you may need a little more than just water. Mix a third cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar. Pour this mixture down the drain followed by hot water. This should help to remove minor clogs. After troubleshooting, it is best to call a professional to handle any bathroom plumbing services

Use Chemicals to Clear the Drain

After nothing else works, sometimes you just need a solution to get rid of a hair clog in your drains. An easy and affordable solution is chemical drain cleaner that works to dissolve the hair clog in the drain. This process will not use plungers or drain snakes, so it can be a preferred method for some homeowners. 


However, it is important to note that some drain cleaners may ruin the lining of your pipes or the connections. Talk with your local plumber to find out the best chemical drain cleaner to use that won’t damage pipes and result in needing a plumbing repair.

Contact an Expert

After using these preventative tips and troubleshooting on how to fix a hair clog it is best to call an expert. Search ‘plumbers near me’ to find the best affordable plumber for your needs. The plumbing company that you choose will be able to come out as quick as they can to fix the issue. 


Professional plumbers have industrial sized drain snakes that can reach a hair clog no matter where it is lodged in the pipes. An expert also has the right tools needed to replace a pipe when needed. If you have any questions on how to prevent hair clogs, ask a professional with the experience to answer your questions with confidence. 

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