Top 8 Reported Problems with Residential HVAC Systems

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Problems with Residential HVAC Systems

Residential HVAC systems are known to be troublesome. This is why air conditioning units require regular, biannual maintenance. This can also help to alleviate the need for unnecessary repairs, increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of your system. However, if you do encounter an issue with your HVAC system, you’ll want to understand what’s going on. 

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Read further to find out the eight most common problems with residential HVAC systems.

1. Air Conditioning Unit is Not Powering On

An air conditioner that is not powering on can be an easy fix. If your air conditioner is not turning on, check the batteries in your thermostat. Replacing old batteries can prevent a thermostat from turning off. Make sure to have the “cool” setting in place with the appropriate temperature setting. If the AC is still not turning on, check the circuit breaker to see if the switch is flipped. Switch it back to the ‘on’ position if it was turned off. Contact an air conditioning specialist to complete an AC repair

2. HVAC Not Blowing Cold Air 

A clogged air filter is a common issue that often goes unnoticed. However, if you notice that your HVAC is only blowing out hot air, you may have a clogged air filter. The air filter is responsible for filtering out any dust and debris that comes through the ductwork. If the air filter is dirty, it can limit the cooling capability of your air conditioner. Changing out the filter every one to two months can help increase the efficiency of your AC.

3. Air Conditioning Unit Freezing Up Outside 

A common problem with an HVAC unit is when it freezes up outside. This is due to many things but the usual cause is cold temperatures. In the south, there can be a lack of insulation around your pipe lines and your AC unit. There is a common misconception that because of the hot temperature that exists for most of the year, piping and HVAC systems don’t require insulation. 

The air conditioner may also have low refrigerant levels that can end up freezing your evaporator coil. The refrigerant helps to keep the pressure consistent. The outside unit can have poor airflow which can cause freezing and frost on the system. Schedule necessary AC or heating repair and maintenance to ensure that everything is in working order. 

4. Electric Controlling Mechanism Failure

The wear and tear of air conditioning units is common. If you constantly turn your AC on and off it can increase the wear on compressor belts. Sometimes, if one part of the electrical connection has an issue, it will prevent the air conditioner from turning on. The connection is important as it aids in the function of the AC unit. If you suspect there is something wrong with the controlling mechanisms in your air conditioner, schedule an appointment with an expert technician to find the root of the problem. 

5. AC Coolant Leaks 

The air conditioning coolant is responsible for keeping the pressure inside the air conditioner stable. A refrigerant leak is not uncommon but needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

A leak of refrigerant can lead to:


  1. Low output 
  2. Higher energy need 
  3. Evaporator coil freezing
  4. Broken compressors
  5. Irregular cooling


Do not attempt to clean up leaked refrigerant or to replace refrigerant. This substance should only be handled by professionals to avoid chemical burns and other safety hazards. 

6. Weird Noises 

Strange noises are one of the easiest ways to tell if something is wrong with your air conditioner. An air conditioner should not make any noise while in operation other than a low hum or rumble. If you do hear noises then it is indicative of a malfunctioning part within the air conditioning unit. Here are some noises you may hear:


  1. Hissing noises may come from a refrigerant leak. 
  2. Thumping or knocking noise could be a malfunction with the assembly of your AC blower or motor. 
  3. Screeching noises are usually caused by the compressor but can sometimes be the fan motor.
  4. Humming and buzzing typically means there is a problem with the electrical connection. 


Contact your local HVAC repair specialist for further information on why your air conditioner is making a weird noise. 

7. Evaporator Coil Freezes 

A frozen evaporator coil can occur when the air conditioner is not receiving enough air to operate effectively. An evaporator coil that is not working can cause your AC to malfunction or freeze. Blocked vent and clogged filters can be the reason for the lack of airflow that causes your evaporator coil to freeze. Replace your air filter every several months to avoid this issue. 

For ducts and vents, dust or vacuum the area to remove any particles that could cause blockages. Another issue may be the thermostat sensor. An air conditioner has a thermostat sensor located close to the evaporator coil near the furnace. The thermostat sensor can malfunction and short cycle the AC unit. The sensor can easily be displaced and affect the productivity. The sensor can be fixed by adjusting it into position. 

8. Leaking Water From AC

Water leaking from your air conditioner unit is normal and should not be your biggest concern. However, there are some common problems with water leakage. Dirty air filters can block the airflow which results in leakage. As previously stated, replace the air filters before they become a problem. Another common issue is faulty installation of your AC unit. This problem is especially likely if you notice puddles surrounding the unit. If you suspect that your AC unit was improperly installed, contact an AC replacement specialist to help you.

Trustworthy Residential HVAC Repair 

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