10 Advantages of Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

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Advantages of Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

Ductless cooling and heating systems are the future of HVAC systems. A ductless system has many adaptations compared to the older unit that will make it more efficient. With these advantages, you will be able to save money on monthly energy costs, maintenance and repairs. 


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Keep reading to find out the 10 advantages of a ductless air conditioning system.

1. Decreased Operating Expenses

A ductless heating and cooling system can decrease the amount of money spent to operate the system. A ductless system cuts down energy costs and helps to reduce carbon output. Ducts have a higher risk of having leakages that can make your air conditioner work harder. With a ductless air conditioner, there is no chance of air leakage because of the absence of ducts. Switching over to a ductless air conditioner can be a huge money saver. 

2. Smart Control 

The world of electronic control now encompasses air conditioners. One of the advantages of going with a ductless air conditioning unit is the electronic upgrade that comes with it. Newer models will have compatibility features that can allow a homeowner to control their air conditioner wirelessly. This is beneficial to you if you are on the road most of the year or if you want to control the temperature of your home with a single tap. Some air conditioning units can also create a temperature and humidity log as well as other home smart capabilities. 

3. Increased Efficiency 

When researching air conditioner units, the important thing to pay attention to is the energy ratings. The energy ratings will tell you how efficient a model is. Compared to other models, the ductless cooling and heating systems are more energy efficient. Going ductless can be easier to repair and maintain which can increase the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Contact your local HVAC company to schedule an installation. 

4. Easy Installation Process

A ductless air conditioning unit is going to be easier to install than commercial heating and cooling systems. Having less ductwork to place will speed up the time of installations. The cost of installations are also going to be less expensive. This is due to the decreased labor in placing the units in your home. Installing a ductless heating and cooling system will also not wreak havoc on your ceilings and walls of your home. Instead, there will be minimal modifications to place the unit in your home. 

5. Provides Heating 

Ductless air conditioners can provide both heating and cooling without any special modifications to your unit. Having this dual function can help during the hotter and colder months of the year without the need for a separate furnace. Having a ductless heating and cooling system will keep you comfortable year round, without any extra worries.

6. Carbon Footprint 

With a higher energy rating, a ductless heating and cooling system will provide greater efficiency. Higher efficiency results in a lower carbon footprint. The environment is easily damaged by an increase of carbon production by high energy users. By making the decision to go ductless, you will be keeping money in your pocket from the lowered energy bills with the added benefit of helping the environment. 

7. Air Quality 

If you are working from home, you will notice how big of a difference air quality can make in your day. You should have great indoor air quality to counteract the risk of increased exposure to small particles such as dust, pollen and other major sources of pollutants. Ducts can attract a lot of moisture and are often warm. These are favorable conditions for some pollutants. Mold, for example, grows best in these conditions. This can pose a threat to you and your family if it is being spread around your home through the vents. Ductless heating and cooling systems can decrease the amount of airborne particles by filtering the air efficiently. Without ducts, there is a lower risk of pollutants growing within the unit. 

8. Low Maintenance 

A ductless heating and cooling system has less parts to maintain and repair compared to its bulkier ancestor. Without the need for ducts, the important parts of the system can easily be cleaned and washed. Having a regularly cleaned air conditioning unit can lengthen its life span and decrease the costs of regular maintenance. As with a ducted air conditioner, keep any blockages away from the units to prevent safety hazards and damage. Since there are no ducts, there is less need to check for leakages or blockages. Schedule regular maintenance with your local HVAC service repair company to ensure you are taking proper care of the system. 

9. Optional Rebates Available 

Utility companies offer rebates, coupons and financing for homeowners and businesses who decide to install ductless air conditioning units. With the lower energy usage, the energy companies are able to use the energy that is leftover for other pressing needs in the community. 

10. Placement Flexibility 

Having a ductless air conditioning unit installed in your home or office can be helpful for flexibility. Due to its compact size, a ductless unit can easily be placed without worrying about space. For some office owners, you can even decide where to place the air conditioning unit. Having more than one unit can decrease the time and energy used to heat up your home or office. The decrease in energy usage will also decrease your utility bills at the end of the month. 

High Quality HVAC Cedar Hill Services

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