Know When to Replace a Toilet: 10 Signs It’s Time

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Sometimes you just need to let go… of your toilet. Older toilets can face a variety of problems from leaking to instability. Eventually, the cost of repairs will outweigh the cost of a replacement. Many plumbers recommend that you get the replacement before it gets to this point. Installing a brand new toilet will save you money on your monthly energy bills. If you aren’t sure if you need to replace your toilet yet, take a look at these 10 signs that it is time.

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1. Age

Many professionals recommend that if your toilet was installed before 1994 then you need to replace it. This is because the Environmental Policy Act was enforced in 1992. This act required all toilets manufactured after 1994 to use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This was put into place to help save consumers money on their monthly water bills. Before 1994, toilets used three to five gallons per flush. If your toilet was installed before 1994 then installing a new toilet will make a substantial difference in your water bills. 

2. Clogs Often

If you get frequent clogs even after professional service, then it may be time to replace your toilet. First, the plumber will make sure that the clog isn’t occurring further down the drain. If it isn’t then it is probably caused by buildup or even damage from wear and tear. As toilets become older, they accumulate mineral deposits and corrode. Because of this, clogs often get snagged on the deposits or corroded materials, resulting in more frequent clogs. Getting your toilet replaced will help to fix this issue. 

3. Uses Too Much Water

If you have noticed your water bill slowly increasing over the years, then you may need to replace your toilet. As they get older, you may find yourself having to flush the toilet a few times. This could be because the water pressure isn’t strong enough. Sometimes toilets will also use more water to flush the toilet to make up for a lack of water pressure. If you suspect that the increase in your water bill is being caused by your toilet then call a plumber to see if they would recommend replacing it. 

4. Unstable Base

If the toilet wobbles every time that you sit on it then you need to replace it. A wobbly toilet could be caused by loose piping or worn out seals. Before you call a plumber, first try to tighten any bolts that may be loose. If that doesn’t work then you need to contact a plumber. If it is the piping or a seal then they will most likely recommend replacing the toilet.

5. Visible Wear and Tear

If you see scratches, stains, rusting or any other visible sign of wear and tear then you may want to consider replacing your toilet. While these signs of visible wear and tear are not necessarily signs of internal damage, many homeowners choose to replace them anyways for aesthetic purposes. 

6. Leaking

There are two types of toilet leaks: internal and external. An internal leak occurs inside of your tank. If you want to find out if you have an internal toilet leak all you have to do is add some food coloring to your tank. Check in a few hours. If the food coloring ends up in your toilet bowl then you have an internal leak. External leaks are easier to detect. You will notice a pool of water around the base of the toilet. Call a plumber when you see this. They may recommend a toilet replacement rather than a repair, depending on how severe the damage is. 

7. Won’t Flush

A toilet that just won’t flush is usually a broken toilet. But before you call a plumber check to make sure that the chain hasn’t slipped. If the problem isn’t the chain, then the toilet is most likely broken. Unfortunately, this means that you will probably have to replace it. Of course before you start toilet shopping, call a plumber to make sure that you really do need a replacement. 

8. Flushes for a Long Time

We’ve all seen it. The toilet that seems to run water for minutes and, in some cases, hours after you flush. This is a huge waste of water and is sure to increase your water bill for the month. Sometimes the issue lies in the flapper valve. Call a plumber to find out for sure. If it is the flapper valve, then you should only need to replace the valve instead of the toilet. In the case that it isn’t the flapper valve, then you will probably need to replace the whole thing.

9. Requires Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself calling a plumber for your toilet every few months, then it is time. Eventually, the money that you have spent on toilet repairs will outweigh the cost of a brand new toilet. Why should you continue to schedule repairs when you could just replace the toilet? Replacing the toilet will also increase efficiency and lower your monthly water bills.

10. Built Up Mineral Deposits

In older toilets, the pipes may begin to accumulate mineral deposit buildup. This is most common in homes with hard water. It’s extremely difficult to remove mineral deposits from the inside of pipes. This is why many plumbers recommend getting a replacement rather than spending the money to remove the pipes, clean off the mineral deposits and then put them back.

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