10 Scary Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

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As homeowners, we often come across things here and there that may be serious or may just be a temporary issue. If you don’t know what to look out for, then you may not be able to differentiate minor plumbing issues from major ones. Take a look at this list of ten signs that you need to call a plumber ASAP.

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1. Gurgling

If you hear a gurgling noise when you turn on the shower or flush the toilet, then you are most likely facing a major clog. Gurgling usually means that the system is trying to find air. If it can’t find air then there is probably a backup. If you hear this noise, turn off your water and call a plumber right away. If you don’t, you may end up cleaning a backed up, overflowed toilet or sink.

2. Constantly running water

If you hear running water in the pipes inside your walls even when no one is using water, then you most likely have a leak. As soon as you notice this, take a close look at your walls and floors. Look for any wet spots or mold growth. This is evidence of a water leak inside your home. If you cannot find those signs then you have probably detected the leak early. Be sure to call a plumber so that they can locate and repair the leak right away.

3. Low water pressure

You may notice low water pressure when you take a shower or wash your hands. There are a few possible causes of this. The first is that your faucet’s aerator has a clog in it. While many homeowners try to resolve this themselves, you should call a plumber to unclog it so that you don’t damage it further. The next possibility is that you have a water leak. While the water pressure may be fine in the first place, once it hits the leak it will lose pressure from the loss of water. Call a plumber right away to determine the cause and find a solution for your low water pressure.

4. Slow draining

If you are experiencing a slow draining sink or shower, then you most likely have a clog in your piping. While many homeowners try to fix this themselves, if the clog is severe enough then no amount of plunging, chemical cleaners or drain sticks will do the job. A plumber has access to equipment like drain snakes and hydro jets to help safely and effectively remove the clog.

5. Frozen pipes

As soon as you notice that you have frozen pipes, you need to call a plumber. You can identify frozen pipes by a few signs:

  • Clanging noise
  • Frost on exposed pipes
  • Water no longer running

Do not attempt to thaw out the pipes yourself. This could lead to major damage in the form of a crack, breakage or burst pipe. A plumber will have the proper equipment necessary to fix frozen pipes. In the future, consider insulating your pipes and taking other steps to avoid this problem.

6. Sewage odor

If you begin to notice a sewage odor near your drain, piping connections or outside, then you may be experiencing a broken sewer pipe. Do not neglect this issue as it can become hazardous to your health, the environment and your home. Broken sewer pipes can cause major structural damage that will be more expensive to fix then the cost of the pipe repair. Call a plumber if the smell doesn’t go away in a few days.

7. Smelling gas

If you smell gas of any kind, open all windows and doors, vacate the property and call your utility company or the fire station to shut off your gas supply. Smelling gas means that you have a gas leak somewhere. Do not ignore it. A gas leak could become fatal if inhaled and even cause an explosion if not taken care of immediately. The cause may or may not have anything to do with plumbing equipment, but is important to note nonetheless.

8. Overflowing toilet

Sometimes toilets just overflow. That’s why many homeowners keep a plunger nearby. However, if your toilet is constantly overflowing then there may be something more serious at hand. Most likely there is a major backup in your drain pipe. Call a plumber if you are experiencing consistent toilet overflows so that they can professionally clean your drain.

9. Soggy basement floor

If you go into your basement and you step on a wet floor then there is probably an issue with your sump pump or you have a burst pipe. Sump pump backups are common, but if left neglected for too long the water can cause mold growth and structural damage. Call a plumber right away so that they can determine whether the problem is with your sump pump or if you have a leaking pipe.

10. Muddy backyard

If you are starting to notice brown puddles that smell like sewage in your backyard then you probably have a sewer pipe leak. When sewer pipes leak into the ground, the water usually doesn’t sink into the dirt. This is when puddles will start to show up. As soon as you spot this, you need to call a plumber so that they can locate and repair the leak before it gets any worse.

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