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If you have noticed an issue with your air conditioner, you need to call a technician right away. Whether you hear a strange noise or the system not working as well as it used to, a technician will be able to quickly identify the problem. When you wait weeks, or even days, to schedule an appointment you are only making matters worse. 

To avoid the need for repairs in the first place, be sure to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance. This kind of preventative care will substantially lower the risk for unexpected damages and repairs. Although, even with regular maintenance, sometimes air conditioners become damaged from normal wear and tear. Whether or not you schedule regular maintenance, repairs require prompt action 

Continue reading to find out the dangers of waiting to schedule air conditioning service. 

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Dangers of Waiting to Schedule AC Repair

When you wait to schedule AC repair, you open yourself and your air conditioner up to a plethora of problems. Think about it this way: if you develop an infection, would you wait a few weeks to go to the doctor? Probably not, because the infection could spread, making it harder and more expensive to treat. Not to mention that it would be more difficult to complete easy, daily tasks. 

Air conditioners function in a similar way. Even though they’re mechanical, if they develop an issue that goes unassessed, the situation becomes much worse. Take a look at five reasons why you should not wait to schedule AC repair.

1. Problem Will Get Worse

An air conditioner issue can quickly become worse if left neglected. For example, a screeching noise coming from the air conditioning unit could be a sign of motor damage. If the motor continues to operate while damaged, it could lead to a burn-out and eventual system failure. Even something as straightforward as a clogged filter can lead to system failure.

There is one main reason why an issue, even a small one, can lead to system failure. When an AC unit becomes damaged, it has to work harder to produce the same amount of cooling that it did prior to the damage. This constant overwork puts stress on other parts of the system. As the other components become damaged due to stress, the unit will begin to fail. To avoid a system failure, you need to schedule AC repair as soon as you notice even the smallest issue. 

2. More Expensive

As the damage in your air conditioner gets worse, it also becomes more expensive to repair. Just like any system, each component relies on the others to function. You may start with only one or two damaged components, but eventually you may have to repair three or four components. 

Neglecting relatively inexpensive repairs can also lead to larger expenses. For example, a new air filter is less than $20, but a brand new air conditioning unit is far more expensive than that. Whatever the issue is, big or small, getting it repaired right away will save you money. 

3. Lower Indoor Air Quality

When an AC unit is left neglected, it can become dirty and have poor performance. When repairs aren’t done, the airflow can decrease. Other air quality factors, such as humidity and dust, also worsen. This is especially true when it comes to dirty filters, broken blower blades and other parts that are commonly associated with air quality. 

When you repair a damaged air conditioning unit, you are also improving your air quality. You will note better airflow and improved comfort within your home. The air will also feel less sticky and be free of dust, debris and allergens. 

4. Shorter Lifespan

When you let air conditioner issues sit for weeks without repair, the system becomes far less efficient. When an air conditioner, or any other home system, has to work extremely hard to produce the desired comfort level, they age faster. With proper, regular maintenance and quick repairs, an air conditioner can last up to twenty years. 

Unfortunately, some homeowners choose to wait to get the repairs that they need when they need them. In these cases, their system may only last for fifteen years or less. Replacing an air conditioner is a large expense and neglecting repairs means replacement only becomes more frequent. 

5. Reduced Efficiency 

Damaged air conditioners have to overcompensate when it comes to cooling. This leads to far less efficient air conditioners. When your AC unit becomes less efficient, it leads to many of the issues highlighted above: higher energy bills, risk of unexpected repairs and shortened lifespan. 

Scheduling repair for your air conditioner will help you save money in the long-run and will improve the comfort of your home. No one wants a barely-functioning air conditioner in the middle of a Texas summer. It doesn’t matter how expensive or high-end the air conditioner is. When any system or appliance is overworked or damaged, it doesn’t operate as well as it once did. 

Trustworthy Red Oak Heating, Cooling and Plumbing 

Scheduling air conditioning repair when you need it is imperative to maintaining full efficiency and functionality. Neglecting these issues only makes matters worse and more expensive. As soon as you notice any kind of air conditioner issue, you should schedule an appointment with a technician. 

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