Rusty Water Flowing From Your Taps? Find The Source ASAP!

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No one wants to fill up a glass of water only to find that it looks, tastes and smells like rust. This is typically caused by piping issues within or around your home. No matter what the source is, rusty water should be cause for concern. Especially if your water is usually clean and clear, rusty water could point to a much bigger issue.

It is recommended that if you notice the sudden presence of rust in your water, then you should call a plumber right away. A professional plumber should be able to diagnose the source of the rust and come up with a solution.

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Signs of Rust in your Water

You may be unsure at first if there is actually rust in your water. If rust is present in your water, then it will have a metallic taste and odor and a reddish-brown tint. There may also be sediment at the bottom of your glass. Rust will also stain porcelain and white fabric if left to sit for too long.

If, after taking a close look at the water, you are still unsure as to if rust is present, you can always send a sample to a local laboratory or water testing site. The laboratory will be able to unequivocally prove whether or not there is rust in your water.

While rusty water should be a concern, don’t panic. Rust is only oxidized Iron, which is a common and naturally occurring component of the water in most homes. In fact, rust poses a larger threat to your linens and appliances than it does to your health.


Possible Sources of Rusty Water

There are a few places that rust could be coming from within and around your home. Rusty water is typically caused by one of the following:

  • Rusted water heater
  • Corroded pipes
  • Water main breakage
  • Damage from nearby construction

In order to figure out exactly where the rust in your water is coming from, you need to pay attention to when and how you notice the issue. Here are three common patterns that can tell both homeowners and plumbers where the rust source may be:

  • Sudden rust appearance: if rust has begun to appear suddenly, when you have never experienced it before, then the problem may reside within your community. Construction damage, water main breakage and other local issues could be causing the presence of rust in your water. If you believe that this is the case, then you should contact your water company straight away.
  • Rust becomes present with hot water: if you only experience rust when you turn on the hot water then the problem most likely resides in your water heater. Water heaters can contain built-up sediment or begin to corrode and rust which can travel to your faucets.
  • Rust appears in the morning with both hot and cold water: if you notice rust when you turn on the faucet in the morning, then the source is probably your pipes. After many years of use, pipes can begin to corrode and rust on the outside or the inside. This is especially true of pipes within older homes.


Plumbing Solutions for Rusty Water

Unfortunately, the only solution for corrosion of any kind is replacement. Just as the city would have to replace corroded pipes in the community, you need to replace the corroded materials on your own property. In order to replace your pipes or water heater, you will have to call a plumber. Be sure to hire only the most reliable and qualified plumber to service your equipment.

Pipe replacement can range in difficulty and price. Some pipes are easy to access, such as those under your sink or within walls. Others can only be accessed by digging in the yard. The best plumbers will use a video camera pipe inspection tool. When this tool is inserted into the pipe, plumbers can identify exactly where corrosion is occurring. Once they know where the source of corrosion is, they can develop a plan to remove and replace the damaged pipe.

Water heater replacement is a little more straightforward. When the plumber arrives, they will inspect the water heater for any external or internal rust. Typically, the rust will be easy to identify because in order to get the point of becoming present in the water it has to be extremely serious. Once the plumber has found that the rust source is the heater, they will drain and remove it. Then, the plumber will size, order and install a new water heater.


Reliable Plumber in Grand Prairie

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