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Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has been supporting Cedar Hill and Dallas area businesses since 1965. For several decades, local companies have relied on us for important air conditioning maintenance, repairs and commercial installation.
AC commercial installation should only be done by qualified techs. At Dial One, we hire, train, license and insure all of our workers. With a high level of accountability and outstanding customer service, we are confident that each job is done right and on time. We understand what’s at stake for Cedar Hill businesses whose air conditioning goes out. We’re here to stop the gap and be sure your downtime is minimal and you get the commercial installation you need to get up and running.
Additionally, if you have an air conditioning emergency, we provide HVAC 24-hour emergency services. Give us a call: 972-291-0740 or schedule service online.
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Dial One Plumbing, Cooling and Heating can provide air conditioning repair for business, office buildings, corporate spaces and more in Cedar Hill and the Dallas area. Commercial HVAC units are taxed in the scorching Texas heat. Air conditioners keep employees and customers comfortable, with a controlled temperature and level of humidity.
If these systems break down, it can represent an enormous cost. Ideally, you can avoid that and extend the life of your air conditioner with regular repairs. Sometimes, an air conditioner is simply too old and will bite the dust. In that case, we are ready and able to help you select and install an air conditioner for your business.
Reach out TODAY to learn about commercial air conditioner repair and new air conditioner installations.

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Residential and commercial air conditioners are different. First, the size of the space is very different. This may mean that business owners need to select different kinds of air conditioners or use multiple air conditioners. A process like this should be overseen by a professional.
Air conditioners don’t just cool the air. They also provide humidity and circulation. Knowing the exact setup impacts a wide variety of things, from the air pressure to the air quality inside your commercial building. Don’t take a risk with unqualified or inexpert advice. Air conditioners are sophisticated machines. This is why HVAC is a licensed profession. Let the team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating take care of everything.
We can come in and assess your current or broken system. Most often, a commercial air conditioner has died due to old age. Sometimes, it was actually sized or installed improperly. We can provide insight into what the issues were and recommendations for your next unit.
It’s important that you choose a new air conditioner that has all of the latest energy efficiency technologies. These will reduce your monthly energy bill and be good for the environment. Dial One has resources to help you find and buy the right unit. We even offer financing options to offset the high cost of a new commercial air conditioner.
Once you’ve purchased it, it’s important that a professional removes the old unit and installs the new one. This will require several hours and a significant amount of work. Our team will keep you in the loop every step of the way. We’ll even program your thermostats and show you how to use them. It’s important to us that you’re well taken care of. We take seriously our outstanding reputation as the best air conditioner company in Cedar Hill and intend to keep it that way. Let us support your local business. Contact us to ask questions or schedule an air conditioner installation.
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