Features You Should Consider in a Smart Thermostat

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A smart thermostat lets you control your home’s heat remotely via an app or over the internet. Smart features optimize temperatures at different parts of the day and year to boost your HVAC’s efficiency. You can achieve other numerous activities with smart features, such as integration with other appliances, weather tracks, schedule setups, etc.

Smart thermostats are the way to go when you want comfortable temperatures for your home. You should consider various features if you want to buy or install a smart thermostat. Read on to discover some of these important features.

Energy Reports

One of the factors that can save you a considerable amount of money is the ability to receive energy reports. With the reports, you can track your energy use and adjust consumption. The reports notify you of the amount, changes, cost, and tips to save money.

If you get a report that a certain room consumes more power for no apparent reason, you can find the root issue and solve it. That way, you won’t only save costs but identify and solve problems before they escalate.

Some smart thermostats can track meteorological reports and automatically adjust temperatures. For example, the thermostat can lower the temperature if you expect hot weather so that your house remains cool.


As the name suggests, sensors allow the smart thermostat to sense changes in the environment. In addition, they relay information to the main thermostat to initiate the necessary actions. For example, when there are movements within a room, motion sensors pass on that information to the main thermostat, which switches on your HVAC unit.

Some of the recommended locations to place your smart sensors are:

  • In poorly insulated rooms
  • At the top or bottom of a room
  • Near a hot water pipe, etc.

Many smart thermostats use multiple sensors that serve different purposes to boost your home’s comfort.

Home Away Feature

Also known as geofencing, a home away feature allows you to set a virtual boundary around your home. To use the feature, you need to download the thermostat app on your mobile device. After that, you can install the home away feature.

The home away feature tracks your cell phone’s location and triggers an action when you cross the boundary. When you are within the set boundary, the thermostat sets the ideal temperature to your convenience. But, if you are away, the thermostat can switch off the HVAC system to save energy.

Pattern Learning

A smart thermostat can learn your preferences and routine and use that information to optimize temperatures. With time, the thermostat masters your ideal temperature during different times of the day. That said, you don’t have to worry about manual temperature adjustments.

Certain events trigger the learning algorithm to set given temperatures. An example is when you reset abnormal temperatures to a comfortable level. In addition, the algorithm can predict electricity tariffs and adjust temperatures to cut down on cost and energy.

Automatic Programmable Features

Smart thermostats have various convenience features with which you can automate schedules. So, you don’t have to change the thermostat settings numerous times. With automation, you can:

  • Schedule optimal temperatures for different times of the day
  • Switch the air conditioner off when you aren’t at home
  • Set different temperatures for different rooms
  • Schedule the air conditioner to warm or cool the house moments before your arrival, etc.


You can choose from a variety of thermostats for your HVAC system. With new and better technological trends, you may want to consider a smart home. We ensure you get satisfactory services at Dial 1 Johnson. Contact us today for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing requirements.

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