Common Plumbing Problems Found in New Construction

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Common Plumbing Problems Found in New Construction

It can seem like a waking nightmare. Your new home has plumbing issues, even though the builders put everything in over the last few months. So, what’s the deal? How can your plumbing already be giving you a headache when you’ve barely had time to move in your furniture? The truth is, you can find plenty of plumbing issues in new construction. Read on to learn more about the common issues you might encounter in your new home’s plumbing system.

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Where Things Go Wrong — New Construction Plumbing Issues

Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s high-quality. This unfortunate truth means your plumbing system might be worse off than you think. We’ve all seen the signs of poor craftsmanship in newer homes. Obvious signs like crooked outlets and ill-designed layouts are easy to spot; other issues behind the walls might haunt you when you least expect them.

So, when it comes to plumbing, what are some common issues with new construction?

Constant Leaking

The last thing you want to hear on your first night sleeping in your new dream house is the annoying drip from a leak. That’s if you’re lucky, too. Sometimes, a leak will go unnoticed for quite some time — causing huge amounts of damage in the process.

While you can always employ some tips to protect your home from water damage, sometimes poor plumbing work is the issue. It could be something as simple as the plumber using the wrong size pipe. This causes uneven water pressure distribution that could lead to pipe bursts and costly water damage.

Frequent Clogging

With any new plumbing system, you’d probably expect a clog-free lifestyle for at least a few years. I mean, the plumber just put those pipes in, right? Unfortunately, you can find plenty of reasons why your new home is facing clogging problems. If clogs are a frequent issue, it could indicate some serious problems that will need a professional’s attention.

What could be the root of the clogging? Here are a few common causes:

  • Environmental — Mother Nature can deal some serious blows to any plumbing system. Roots can entangle pipes, causing problems like clogs and leaks.
  • Sewer issues — If the sewer system your home connects to has its own issues, like cheap and aging materials, expect clogs for everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Poor workmanship — Sometimes, people cut corners. When those people are your home builders, it can mean your plumbing system is less than optimal and prone to problems like clogs.

Noises Coming from the Walls

We all love a little peace and quiet. Well, maybe not those of us who are urbanites and thrive off the hustle and bustle of the city. But even those who love living near all the excitement know that weird noises shouldn’t be coming from the walls. So what’s happening when you hear knocking coming from your home?

What often happens with poor plumbing work is workers leave certain important elements out of the system. In this case, the plumber may have left off the correct water chambers that play a role in absorbing the shockwaves when you shut off the tap. That banging comes from hydraulic shock, also known as a water hammer.

Cool name, but with some serious consequences. Without the water baffles stopping the aquatic shockwave, irregular pressure can move through your plumbing system. Often, these pressure changes can lead to more than just noise. In this case, pipe bursts and other serious issues.

Problems with the Water Heater

Water heater issues can be tricky to diagnose. Sometimes it’s an issue that will need the attention of a heating expert, other times, it’s down to a plumber to solve the problem. These issues can gradually get worse without you getting a whiff that something is wrong.

You’ll often only notice when you’re taking your morning shower, and you need to pull all the hot water you can to keep things comfortable. So what’s causing your hot water woes? Well, sometimes it’s the internal components of the water heater. This could be the thermostat or pilot light issues.

In other situations, you could be dealing with sediment in your tank. If you’re noticing issues, make sure you reach out to a local Grand Prairie plumbing company. Only the pros will have the knowledge to fix your water heater promptly and safely.

Leaky Faucets and Running Toilets

If you’re seeing your faucets drip and your toilets won’t stop running, it can seem like an innocuous problem. The reality, though, is that even a few constant drips can have you flushing away plenty of water and cash away every year. Leaky faucets and toilet problems are some of the most common bathroom plumbing issues homeowners overlook.

If it’s more than one faucet or toilet in the house causing issues, things add up quickly. Whether it’s installation error, cheap equipment or some other cause, you need to tackle the problem quickly. The more you wait, the more money you’ll be throwing away.

Searching for a Quality Grand Prairie Plumbing Company?

Whatever problems you’re having with your new home, you’ll need to find a plumber you can trust to handle the work. After dealing with issues in new construction, it can be difficult to pair up with a plumber in Grand Prairie that you can trust.

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