Is It Time for a Pipe Replacement? 7 Signs to Look Out For

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Is It Time for a Pipe Replacement?

Plumbing problems are a big inconvenience in the home, but they can be repaired quickly with the help of a professional plumber Desoto, TX locals can trust. As with all home maintenance issues, vigilance is key when it comes to preventing major headaches over time. When a quick leak repair just won’t cut it, it might be time for a pipe replacement. Read on to learn 7 signs to look out for, that way you’ll know when it’s time to replace those pipes.


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Pipe Replacement: 7 Signs to Watch Out For

When problems arise with newer pipes, a professional plumbing repair can often do the trick. If you’re dealing with older pipes, major issues or a recurring need for repairs, however, a plumbing replacement might be more cost effective over time. 


Here are 7 signs you need pipe replacement: 

1. Persistent Leaks

Even if your pipes show no obvious signs of damage — like cracks or corrosion — they can still leak in areas like joints. Minor leaks may not seem like a big issue, but with time and exposure to high amounts of pressure, a small leak can quickly turn into a big headache. 

Your first line of defense for a leaking pipe is to call in a plumber for professional leak repair. If leaks are persistent and you find yourself in need of repairs often, however, simply replacing the problematic pipes may be a more cost-effective, long-term solution.

2. Cracked Pipes

While some of the warning signs of pipe damage are elusive, this one typically isn’t shy. Cracked pipes are an obvious sign that big trouble is on the horizon. A cracked pipe will visibly have water coming out of it as it passes through.

With pipes hidden behind walls or running beneath flooring, it won’t take long to cause wet spots. If you notice bulging paint, warped flooring or other signs of wet spots soaking your home, call a professional plumber immediately. 

Neglecting a cracked pipe can lead to major damage to your plumbing and your home, especially if it compromises structural components of your home or leads to mold and mildew growth. 

3. Corroded Pipes

Frequent plumbing clogs may be a sign of poor maintenance habits, such as sending objects, food particles or other substances down your pipes when they don’t belong there. Another cause for persistent clogs is pipe corrosion. When corrosion occurs from the inside, it may not become obvious until it causes major problems. Galvanized steel pipes are prime candidates for corrosion issues. 

Homeowners are encouraged to have their plumbing inspected if frequent clogs become a problem. Corroded pipes require a full replacement, as it affects the water quality in your home and it’s often only a matter of time until corroded pipes crack or burst.

4. Decreased Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure can indicate a plumbing problem outside of your home, such as an issue with the water main in your immediate area. It could, however, also point to plumbing issues like corroded pipes, or a situation where old plumbing can no longer keep up with the water demands of modern households. 

5. Discolored Water

When we turn on the faucet, we expect clean, clear water to come flowing out. When we’re met with yellow, red or brown water instead, or there appears to be bits of sediment floating in our water, there’s likely trouble afoot. 

Discolored water can sometimes be caused by a temporary issue with your water supply. If the issue persists, however, it could indicate rust or corrosion inside of your pipes. Wait for a day or two to see if the water clears up. If you only get discolored water when the hot water runs, this could also indicate corrosion in the water storage tank of your hot water heater.  

Avoid drinking or bathing in discolored water. If the issue persists, have a professional plumber Desoto, TX, homeowners trust inspect your plumbing to diagnose the issue. 

6. Lead Pipes

Nearly 10 million homes in the US receive their water through lead service lines or lead plumbing pipes, even though we know lead piping can be dangerous to our health. From causing reproductive issues in adults to learning disabilities and slowed growth in children, lead pipes present a danger to your family. 

We recommend that homeowners find out if their plumbing system contains or comes into contact with lead. If so, contact an expert plumbing to help create a strategy for replacing pipes and removing lead as soon as possible. 

7. Age of Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing is meant to last for decades, but all pipes reach the end of their lifespans eventually. Different materials have different life expectancies, so it’s wise to be familiar with the age of the materials in your plumbing system. This allows for proactive pipe upgrades and replacements before disaster strikes.

Let’s consider the life expectancy of common plumbing materials:


  • Galvanized Steel — 20 to 50 years
  • Brass — 40 to 45 years
  • Copper — 50 years or more
  • Cast Iron — 75 to 100 years


If your plumbing is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, it’s time to start planning for a replacement. Your local Desoto plumbing professional can help assess your needs and create a plan of action.

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