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Does Your Property Have a Slab Leak Problem?

The majority of homes and businesses are built on concrete slab foundations. Since water and sewer lines typically run underneath these slabs, underground leaks or bursts can infiltrate the concrete, causing slab leaks. Neglecting a slab leak can lead to major problems like mold and mildew growth. In the worst case scenarios, it can cause foundational damage to your building. It’s important to know the warning signs of a slab leak, so you can schedule slab leak detection services right away.


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Slab Leaks: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Slab leaks need to be addressed by a professional right away. Failing to act can result in major issues that are difficult and expensive to repair. In the worst case scenario, a slab leak can weaken the concrete and steel supports of your building’s foundation. This alone can lead to a dangerous environment for your family or employees, but the presence of moisture can also encourage mold and mildew growth, which can lead to a plethora of health concerns.

Slab Leak Warning Signs

Slab leaks can often go undetected until the problem becomes severe. Knowing early warning signs can help property owners take a proactive approach, preventing major problems down the road. Keep reading to learn common signs that your property has a slab leak.

Rising Water Bills

A sudden spike in your water bill that’s inconsistent with your water usage can point to a hidden leak or burst pipe. While this may occur anywhere in the home, you are less likely to spot early signs when the issue is below ground. Contact a professional plumber to diagnose and repair the issue right away. Master plumbers often have access to specialized water leak and slab leak detection equipment. This is one scenario where saving time on troubleshooting will definitely help you save money as well.

Hot Areas on Your Floors

If you notice that certain areas of the floors in your home appear to have “hot spots,” it could point to a slab leak resulting from a burst or leaking hot water line beneath your property. If hot areas in your floor or basement — with no other explanation — are apparent, hot water may be infiltrating your home’s foundation. Call a plumber right away.

Your Foundation is Cracking

One of the first signs that a slab leak is causing major damage to your home’s foundational slabs is noticeable cracks in the concrete. If water is allowed to freeze and thaw after infiltrating the concrete slabs under your property, major cracks may appear. The appearance of cracks in a foundation should never be ignored, as this presents a safety concern for anyone who occupies the building. Repairing a foundation is one of the most expensive repairs a homeowner can make, so acting as soon as possible is paramount.

Unpleasant Odors

Consistently moist areas create an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you notice the smell of mold or mildew coming from your floorboards or basement area, you likely have water infiltrating the area beneath your home in some way. The presence of mold creates a safety concern for your family or employees, and this issue should always be taken seriously. A professional plumber can evaluate your space to determine the source of the leak and recommend a course of action.

Frequent Clogs

If you experience frequent shower or toilet clogs that you are unable to resolve, you may have a deep slab leak brewing. Issues like a breached sewer line or leaking appliance lines can lead to frequent backups. Common signs of a breached sewer line include lingering sewer gas odors, wet patches on your lawn when it hasn’t rained, indentations or yellow/brown spots on your lawn, frequent backups and rising water bills. If you notice a pattern, it’s time to search for a “plumber near me.” Even if a breached sewer line or burst water main isn’t directly underneath your foundation, water can still infiltrate concrete slabs as the ground around your home becomes saturated.

Prevent Slab Leaks with Plumbing Maintenance

Regular maintenance by a qualified, professional plumber means your home or business’s entire plumbing system will receive a comprehensive cleaning and inspection on a regular basis. Detecting issues like sewer line clogs early on can help prevent major problems down the line. Plumbing emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time. Replacing old plumbing before it causes problems means you can schedule repairs when it works for your schedule. This ensures minimal disruption to your home life or business operations.

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Professional Slab Leak Detection in Desoto, TX

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