10 Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Service

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Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Do you ever wonder what might be lurking in your drains? Chances are, it would be a surprising experience taking a gander at innards of your pipes. You’d like to think that everything is free and clear of clogs and debris. This, unfortunately, is usually far from the truth.

That’s exactly why it’s important to have a professional clean your drains regularly. Luckily, finding a plumber in Waxahachie, TX, to clean your drains is the easy part.

Ready to discover the key benefits of professional drain cleaning? Read on!

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  • 1. Eliminate Foul Odors Coming from Your Drains

    If you were able to look at the framework of your internal piping network, you’d see a labyrinth of pipes. These pipes don’t just go straight, they curve and bend to supply and drain in key areas of your home.

    Build-up is common at each one of these bends and turns. Without a professional drain cleaning, that build-up will start to decompose in your pipes. Now, I probably don’t have to explain the kind of smell you can expect from the nasty materials that call your pipes home.

    If left untreated, that nasty odor can leak into your home through your drains. Sometimes, smell is the least of your worries when dealing with nasty bacterias.

    The only way to clean those problem areas is to enlist the help of a plumbing professional. They will do the dirty work to get your drains clean and stop that foul odor in its tracks.

  • 2. Fewer Clogs

    That buildup we talked about before, well, it does more than smell. In drains where build-up is an issue, clogs are a constant reminder that your drains are dirty. The caked crud on your pipes slowly builds up a wall of muck that blocks water from flowing.

    Since this clog is deep in your piping, a plunger won’t make a dent in the obstruction. A professional drain cleaning service will tackle that stubborn build-up and save you from constant clogs down the line. 

  • 3. Protect Your Floors and Walls

    If you fail to clean your drains, you’re setting yourself up for clogs in the future. When these clogs happen, everything seems to escalate quickly. Before you have time to reach your water shutoff valve, you’re staring at a pool of liquid at your feet.

    Now, hopefully, this is clean water. If it happens to be from a toilet, well, you won’t be so lucky. What happens now is that standing water finds its way into your floors and walls, causing damage as it flows.

    A professional drain cleaning will help catch clogs before they cause damage to your floors and walls.

  • 4. Save Money

    Every time you call for emergency plumbing services, you foot the bill of excessive repairs. If your sink overflows due to build-up in your pipes, that call to the plumber for bathroom sink repair is going to cost much more than a routine drain cleaning.

    Additionally, you save money on potential repairs due to water damage. Drain cleaning is preventative maintenance. Keeping up with preventive maintenance means you can expect fewer calls to your local plumbers in Waxahachie, TX.

    5. Help Your Pipes Stay Healthy

    Plumbers install pipes that last. Some piping material can last upward of a century — that’s a long time.

    This means that you could theoretically live and die in a home without ever needing to replace piping. While this is a bit of an exaggerated claim, the point is that longevity requires maintenance. This comes in the form of regular drain cleanings.

    Keeping up with the health of your pipes plays a part in maintaining property value as well.

  • 6. Reduce the Risks of Mold and Bacteria

    Whether you like it or not, mold and bacteria are prolific in your pipes. It’s wet and warm — a perfect spot for these stubborn little organisms.

    If you happen to have a clog, the standing water and organic material give carte blanche to freeloading bacteria to live rent-free. If you want to tackle these nasty little bugs, you only have one course of action: a professional drain cleaning.

    Your plumber will come in and dislodge any clogs, making quick work of any bacteria or mold.

    7. No More Noisy Pipes

    Ever hear knocking sounds coming from your walls? Well, it could be your pipes. Disruptions in water flow are often the source of squeaking and crackling noises. Clogs are the main culprit.

    A professional drain cleaning will give your pipes the smooth surface needed to keep water flowing smoothly.

  • 8. No More Slow Draining Pipes

    If you’ve ever watched frustratingly as your sink fails to drain promptly, you could be a victim of a clog in your pipes. When a clog blocks water from flowing past freely, it causes a backup across your whole system.

    It’s kind of like a traffic jam. When a crash slows down cars a mile down the road, everyone feels the pinch. Drain cleaning clears any obstruction so your water can disappear down your drain in no time.

  • 9. Expert Insight for Your Drains

    Sometimes it’s best to be honest with yourself. Unless you’ve got the plumbing chops, chances are you’ll need some expert insight at some point.

    Having a professional come to clean your drains means they can use their expertise to catch issues before becoming big problems.

  • 10. Catch Serious Issues in Advance

    Letting your pipes go uncleaned means you are opening yourself up to bigger issues down the road. That pesky clog, well, the smell might not bother you that much so you let it fester. Over time it gets bigger. One day it might reach a point where enough pressure builds up that a pipe bursts.

    You can imagine the kind of bills you’ll see for a repair of this size. A routine drain cleaning is much more cost-effective and can save you the headache of dealing with a major plumbing issue.

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