Some Reasons Why You Need Annual AC Maintenance

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Some Reasons Why You Need Annual AC Maintenance

Those steamy Texas summer nights are no match for a properly performing AC. While you enjoy that blasting arctic chill, your HVAC unit is working hard behind the scenes to maintain that comfortable temperature. Keeping your AC in top condition requires yearly visits from your local HVAC specialist.

Having a licensed residential HVAC repair service do annual maintenance can help with system performance and keep costly repairs down. If you want to learn more about the benefits of annual AC maintenance, read on!

From emergency repairs to residential HVAC installation, Dial One Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive HVAC services to keep your AC running at top performance all summer long. Give us a call at 469-518-4211.

Top Reasons to Maintenance Your AC Annually

You can do a lot to help the health and lifespan of your HVAC system. Unfortunately, changing your filters regularly isn’t all that’s needed to maintain an AC unit.

When your local residential HVAC repair service comes to perform an annual maintenance visit, they move through an extensive list of checkpoints to ensure your system is in proper working order. Your HVAC technician’s knowledge of your AC unit’s working components and layout is part of why annual checkups are necessary.

These professionals comb through each system of your HVAC unit and diagnose possible problems, check system parameters and clean components you might not think to inspect.

Annual maintenance has some amazing benefits as well. Below you’ll find some of the main reasons you’ll want to schedule a maintenance checkup every year.

Save on Energy Bills

For most of us, our AC unit is the last thing we think about during the day. While we would be living in a sweaty dungeon without AC, we often underappreciate the cool air we enjoy every day.

As long as the AC fills our rooms with frigid air, we don’t have a problem.

What often sneaks up on unsuspecting homeowners is excessive electricity bills from poorly performing systems. Your AC will still produce cold air, but it will expend much more energy. Excessive energy consumption leads directly to costly electricity bills.

Having your local residential HVAC repair service perform annual maintenance means catching poor performance problems before they create high energy bills.

Fewer Repairs Down the Line

Parts wear down, belts fray and components break; it’s a part of the lifespan of your HVAC system. During an annual maintenance check, your HVAC technician will inspect for broken or damaged parts and replace them when necessary.

If you avoid system maintenance, it could transform small parts repair to a new residential HVAC installation. At the very least, it means costly repairs down the line you could have avoided with a routine annual inspection. Adding to the pain, repairs and breakdowns happen when your AC is running more often — like during the peak of summer.

At any time of year, maintenance is almost always cheaper than an emergency repair.

Your Warranty Might Require Maintenance

If you own a newer AC unit, it more than likely sports a warranty from the manufacturer. While you might not have read the terms and conditions, usually, you need to play a part to keep things covered.

Annual maintenance is often a stipulation to keep your AC unit under warranty. If you fail to keep up your end of the deal, your warranty could go void, putting the bill for every future repair right on your lap.

A Well Maintained AC Will Run Longer

It should be no surprise that a properly maintained AC will perform through years of dedicated service. Much like any other mechanical device, you need to replace worn parts and inspect for damage regularly.

You wouldn’t want to drive a car with bald tires or a sticky brake pedal, would you? These small faults can cause some serious problems. Much like this hypothetical lemon of a car, your AC requires proper maintenance to perform when you need it.

Neglecting it can only lead to a shortened lifespan for your AC.

It’s Recommended by Energy Experts

Around 40% of your monthly energy costs go to heating and cooling. Annual checkups help keep efficiency high and energy costs down. This affects not just you but also the environment and your energy providers.

The less energy your system uses, the less the power grid has to provide. That’s why organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency, EnergyStar and The U.S. Department of Energy all recommend annual maintenance.

What Will Your HVAC Technician Check?

Before you start thinking you can handle your own annual maintenance, let’s take a peek at what your HVAC technician will perform during their visit:

  • Check your thermostat — Your HVAC technician will calibrate your thermostat correctly to ensure that when you set the AC to 78 degrees, air comes out of the vents at that temperature.
  • Lubricate parts — Behind the cage of your AC unit is a broad selection of mechanical components that benefit from a little greasing. Part of the annual inspection is making sure all parts are properly lubricated and ready to perform.
  • Inspect system controls — HVAC systems perform in a sequence. A licensed HVAC professional will ensure each portion of this sequence is in correct timing, so your system operates safely and efficiently.
  • Check refrigerant — Refrigerant is an essential part of the cooling process. Improper levels could mean less efficiency, poor performance and warm air. Your technician will check to confirm refrigerant levels are exactly at optimum levels.

This list is a small selection of what your HVAC technician will inspect during annual maintenance. An annual checkup is an intimate process where every component and system goes through rigorous inspection.

You can’t check a few key locations and call it a day. It takes time, and lots of experience, to perform correctly. The reality is, only a licensed HVAC professional should perform this kind of service.

Finding Affordable Annual HVAC Maintenance Services in Red Oak, Texas

Quality care is what you should be looking for, but finding affordable, professional and prompt service can be challenging. Luckily, Dial One Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has provided comprehensive residential HVAC repair in the Red Oak area for almost half a century.

Annual AC maintenance is one of the many services we provide. To have one of our qualified HVAC pros come check up on your system, reach out online to schedule an appointment.

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