How Can You Get the Best Results from Your New HVAC system?

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A new HVAC unit is an excellent investment that will support indoor air quality and your comfort for 10-15 years, on average. With proactive maintenance from a residential HVAC service company and just a few lifestyle adjustments, you can extend the lifespan of your new unit by years. 

In this post, the experts at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating share 7 tips for getting the most out of your new unit. 

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7 Ways to Make Your HVAC Unit More Efficient

Installing a new unit means you stand to gain at least a decade’s worth of industry advances in HVAC technology. In addition to the costs and energy savings a new unit can provide, there are a few steps you can take at home to maximize these benefits. Increase cooling efficiency, extend the life of your unit and lower energy costs with these tips:

1. Change Air Filters Regularly

One of the most important HVAC maintenance tasks homeowners need to keep on top of is changing or cleaning reusable air filters frequently. A clogged air filter will impede air flow, which is essential for your unit to operate efficiently. Dirty air filters prevent your cooling system from trapping airborne contaminants like dust, pet dander and pollen. Aside from the negative impact this can have on indoor air quality, it causes your unit to work much harder than it should, increasing wear and tear, driving up energy costs and leading to expensive repairs down the road.

Luckily, swapping out air filters or cleaning reusable ones is a quick and easy DIY. Air filters should be cleaned (if reusable) or replaced every 30–90 days, depending on your location, climate and number of pets in the household. Your qualified HVAC technician can recommend air filters and how often you should change them.

2. Schedule Annual System Tune-Ups

You local Red Oak, Texas HVAC pros at Dial One Johnson offer annual HVAC tune-ups to keep your system in ship shape year-round. We recommend scheduling a spring visit before cooling your home for the season, and a fall visit to get you ready for the winter. 


A system tune-up includes a thorough inspection of your entire HVAC unit. Our fully trained, licensed and insured technicians will lubricate all moving parts, clean out your condensate drain line, replace air filters or clean reusable ones, check refrigerant levels and clean your condenser unit. 

Getting your system ready for the summer with a professional A/C tune-up will help lower utility costs. If broken, loose or worn parts are identified and repaired, you can prevent major problems down the line by fixing the issue before you even turn your unit on for the first time in the season.  

3. Utilize Fan Settings

The thermostat in your home likely has two fan settings, “ON” and “AUTO.” When your HVAC unit’s fan is set to “AUTO”, it will only run when the system is actively running a cycle. Conversely, a fan that’s set to “ON” will run continuously during and in between cooling and heating cycles. While this keeps the air in your home circulating and filtering at all times, it can drive up energy costs, clog up air filters more quickly and increase wear and tear on your unit.  

To conserve energy and reduce strain on your cooling system, keep your fan set to “AUTO.” Some systems have dual-speed fans, which provides a middle ground where the fan will run at a slower, more energy-efficient speed in between cycles.

4. Maintain Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Your HVAC system’s outdoor condenser unit plays a huge part in keeping your system running efficiently. Periodically check your outdoor condenser for damage, especially after storms. Ensure proper air flow around the unit by clearing away any accumulated leaves, twigs and other debris. It’s also important to trim back any trees and shrubbery to leave sufficient space around the condenser unit.  

5. Update Insulation and Seal Air Leaks

Keep cooled air from escaping into unused spaces like the attic—or to the outdoors—by upgrading insulation. It’s also important to ensure any spaces around pet doors, windows and entrances are properly sealed or caulked. Conversely, there are steps homeowners can take to help keep the heat out. This includes planting shade trees near windows and installing curtains or blinds to help minimize direct sunlight.

6. Install a Smart Thermostat 

Install a programmable or smart thermostat that allows you to set your system’s cooling schedule according to your own. By raising the temperature by just a few degrees while you are away during the day, you can save big on energy costs. This will also reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your unit, extending its life in the long run. 

7. Ceiling Fans

Run ceiling fans on low to keep air circulating throughout your home. Warm air rises, where it may not get pulled into your unit for cooling. It can also mix with cooled air blowing out of ceiling vents, making your unit seem less efficient. A ceiling fan on a low setting doesn’t require much energy and it can help prevent hot or cold air pockets in the home. 

Get The Best Results From Your A/C With Dial One Johnson

To get the best results out of your new unit, you’ll want to build a relationship with a reputable residential HVAC service company in Red Oak, Texas. Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has a team of highly skilled, licensed and insured professionals ready to help with installations, repairs and regular maintenance

We’re proud to offer competitive rates, affordable maintenance plans and financing options to help cover those unexpected HVAC emergencies. Our customers receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship every time. Give us a call at (469) 240-5618 or visit us online to schedule an appointment today.

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