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When plumbing issues strike, speed can mean the difference between a slight problem and a major headache. As a homeowner, it can be challenging to prepare for future plumbing problems. Understanding how to tackle basic issues and having the right tools for the job can be invaluable.

If you want to learn more about what tools you should have at home to tackle basic plumbing issues, read on!

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Sink Auger

Every so often, you’ll get a stubborn drain that won’t clear. All kinds of things can cause a clog, and a sink auger can help you clear that pesky, compacted drain in minutes.

Known as a “canister auger” or “drum auger,” the sink auger can handle most clogged drains in sinks and tubs. For toilets, you will need another tool, which we will get to later.

Inside the main canister of the auger is a metal coil that retracts into the body. At one end of the coil, you’ll find the corkscrew — the business end of the device. 

To use a sink auger:

  1. Remove the sink drain plug.
  2. Push the cable into the drain.
  3. Once you have hit the clog, turn the crank on the auger to push the corkscrew end into the impaction.
  4. Pull the clog out slowly.

Sink augers are easy to use, but not for the faint of heart. Much like other plumbing fixes, whatever you pull out of that drain is a big question mark.

If this sounds off-putting, it might be time to call a plumber in Desoto, TX. The team at Dial One has experienced plumbing professionals who can handle any clog quickly and at a fair price.

Closet Auger

A closet auger, also known as a toilet auger, is similar to a sink auger. When a plunger isn’t enough to tackle a toilet clog, a closet auger can make quick work of any obstruction.

In most cases, a closet auger is better than a plunger. While a plunger can take care of a simple problem, it comes with some downsides.

Closet augers:

  • Don’t require you to bend over, which is great for older folks and those with back issues
  • Are easy to use
  • Won’t splash dirty toilet water in your face

The truth is, when you call a plumber to take care of a clogged toilet, they will most likely break out a closet auger. You could get the tool yourself, if you feel comfortable learning to use it.

Flange Plunger

Dealing with a clogged drain is never fun. While there are some tips to help minimize clogs, proper plumbing tools are your best friend when you need an emergency fix.

Flange plungers are by far the most famous at-home plumbing tool. They utilize a flanged cup design below the lip of the bell to create a tight seal on the toilet bowl.

Avoiding splashes, overflows and other nasty situations takes some practice. Here are some tips:

  • Prepare the toilet — Make sure the bowl is at least half full with water. 
  • Start Slow — Forcefully pushing the plunger into the bowl can cause water to splash up.
  • Use an up and down motion — Try and avoid plunging at an angle as it can break the seal on the bowl.

Cup Plunger

When you think of a plunger, a cup plunger usually comes to mind. These classic plumbing tools have been stalwart toilet side companions for centuries.

Much like the flange plunger, the cup plunger uses suction to unclog drains. Before you opt for a cup-style plunger over the flange variety, there are some considerations.

First, without the flange, a proper seal is hard to create in a toilet. This means you will be doing more work pushing and pulling. Cup plungers are better suited for sinks as they can lay flat on the porcelain to create a seal.

If that nasty clog doesn’t budge, it might be time to find a plumbing contractor in Grand Prairie, TX. The team at Dial One is more than up for the task. Reach out today to get help with your jammed-up commode.

Tongue and Groove Pliers

Plumbers once had to carry around all kinds of pipe wrenches to deal with plumbing issues. While pipe wrenches still play their part, a set of tongue and groove pliers can work in most situations.

Tongue and groove pliers go by many names:

  • Channel-type
  • Slip-joint
  • Channellock (a brand name often associated with this type of tool)

Whatever the name, these pliers are a great addition to any at-home plumber tool kit. They have angled jaws, long handles and can adjust to fit most pipes. For plumbing use, a set of 10” pliers should do the trick.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is to a plumber as the axe is to a lumberjack. That is to say, this tool is almost always part of popular representations of plumbing, and for good reason. While not as popular as they once were, pipe wrenches are still the tool of choice when dealing with threaded and types of metal pipes.

The unique part of the pipe wrench is the teeth that help grip the pipe. The serrated jaws are adjustable, making fitting the wrench to multiple diameters of pipe easy.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

When it comes time to remove compression nuts and shut off valves, a crescent wrench is the tool for the job. You may already have one of these in your tool kit. Its smooth jaws won’t damage piping or cause scratches on chrome fixtures.

Finding a quality crescent wrench is key as a good tool can last for years.

Basin Wrench

This specialty plumbing tool is one that most plumbing professionals own. It serves one purpose: to install or remove a faucet.

A basin wrench can do this job better than any other tool. The basin wrench uses a pivoting, gripping head to access those hard-to-reach awkward under-sink locations. In these instances, tools like a crescent wrench or tongue and groove pliers are almost useless.

Often, plumbing requires special tools like this. Remember, safety considerations should always be on your mind when doing any plumber repairs yourself.

Finding Affordable Plumbing Contractors in Grand Prairie, TX 

If you’re not looking to add all these tools to your kit, it might be time to find a plumber in Desoto, TX. The team at Dial One is here to help.

Whatever your plumbing needs might be, we offer a range of services to remedy any plumbing issues. Reach out online to schedule an appointment today.

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