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When it comes to HVAC installation, you want it done right the first time. If just one mistake occurs, you may end up paying for it in the future. Be sure to carefully choose an HVAC company for installation so that you can feel confident knowing they will do great work. Understanding what to expect during an HVAC installation can prepare you for the process.

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Continue reading to learn what to expect during an HVAC installation. 

Importance of Proper HVAC Installation

HVAC installation isn’t a lengthy process but it is a big investment that impacts your home. If an air conditioner is incorrectly installed, there can be big time consequences. Here are some of the risks of having an HVAC installed incorrectly:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Shortened system lifespan
  • Inefficient cooling or heating
  • Greater risk for unexpected damages

Always be sure to hire professional technicians that will get the job done right. Quality AC installs alleviate the need for unnecessary AC repairs in the future. 

Preparing for an HVAC Installation

If you’d like the installation to go as smoothly as possible, then there are a few things that you can do to prepare. Follow these steps to successfully prepare for an HVAC installation:

  • Clear the area for installation
  • Remove objects and debris within 5 feet of the unit 
  • Consider where your pets will be during the installation
  • Double check the installation date and time

Following these steps will ensure that the technicians can start installation as soon as they get to your home. 

What to Expect During HVAC Installation

Here is what you should expect from an HVAC installation.

On Time Arrival

You should always expect professionals to arrive on time. If you’re using a service for the first time, this is a good indicator for how professional they are. An HVAC service tech should respect your time and arrive on-time for your scheduled appointment. 

Team of Two Technicians

When an HVAC company arrives, you can probably expect at least two technicians. There may be more depending on the scope of the installation. HVAC units can be heavy to carry, which is why there are usually at least two technicians onsite. This is also helpful for installation tasks that may require a second set of hands. When the right number of techs arrive, you should feel confident that the company knows what it’s doing. 

Protective Equipment

Whenever professionals complete AC replacement, they should bring protective equipment with them. This could include bringing tarps to protect your floors or special transportation equipment to decrease the likelihood of bumps or scratches to your walls. The technicians may also bring personal protective equipment such as gloves or goggles, depending on the complexity of the installation. 


Communication should be a top priority for HVAC installations. The technicians should call or message saying that they are on the way. They should also explain all of the tasks that they will be completing and convey whether or not they need anything from you. You don’t want to be kept in the dark. Finding an HVAC company with excellent communication is paramount.

Proper Sizing

Sizing is one of the most important parts of an installation. The technicians usually do this prior to the day of installation. AC techs will come and size the system that you need. This means that they will consider measurements of the physical space, measurements of your home, ductwork and household needs. With this information, they will determine what size and type of system is best for your home. 

This is an important step because it determines how well the system cools your home. For example, if the unit is too small, you will not achieve efficient cooling. If the unit is oversized, you will spend a lot of money on energy bills. Be sure that the technicians are not choosing the new unit based on the old unit. If the old unit was improperly sized then you will end up with the same issues. 

Detailed Installation

Installation is not a quick service. Technicians may be there for hours before the final system is correctly installed. Consider all of the tasks they have to complete:

  • Removal of the old unit
  • Sizing
  • Thorough installation of the new unit
  • Testing

All of this takes time and energy. The best technicians will take their time to make sure the unit is properly installed. This means careful installation, double checking wiring, thoroughly testing the unit and much more. If the installation is taking a little longer than you expected, it’s probably a good sign. 

Maintenance Tips and Debriefing

Once your HVAC unit is successfully installed, the technicians will debrief you. This could include maintenance information such as:

  • Benefits of signing up for a maintenance advantage plan
  • How to clean your unit
  • How to replace your filter
  • Warning signs to look out for
  • When is the best time to schedule maintenance


They will then give you the final cost of the unit and discuss payment options. Many HVAC companies offer financing options to make payment easier. Be sure to ask for a business card or magnet with the company’s information on it in case of an emergency. 

Residential HVAC Installation

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