What Causes Slab Leaks and What Are My Options?

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Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be one of the scariest plumbing issues to come across. Although they may be scary, they are also very common and the right plumbing company will know exactly how to solve the problem. Fortunately, if you own a newer home then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about slab leaks. 

Environmental conditions and water pressure can’t be controlled, but what you can control is how you handle the situation. It’s best to give a Desoto plumbing expert a call to for affordable slab leak solutions. 

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Keep reading to learn more about slab leaks and what you can do to repair it. 

Fractured Pipe

When any new home is built, pipes are placed underneath the concrete foundation (also called a slab) for sewage, water and in some cases gas. Over time, the pipe material may become corroded and start to leak. This usually happens slowly, making it more difficult to notice right away. Copper pipes are usually the main culprit when it comes to corrosion issues. This causes a slab leak which is often unnoticeable until it is too late and the foundation becomes impacted.

Water Pressure 

No one enjoys a shower when the water pressure is low. You want a nice, firm blast of water, not a sprinkle. Sometimes homeowners may increase their water pressure valve to increase the water temperature on their own. While this is fine to a point, too high and the water pressure will wear away the pipes and eventually cause slab leaks.

Environmental Issues 

Not everyone lives in an area where the environment is to blame for slab leaks. However, there are plenty of environmental issues that may cause slab leaks. Earthquakes have been known to cause damage to the structural integrity of homes and the pipes underneath the foundation. Shifting limestone, natural disasters and even heavy thunderstorms can cause foundation cracks. 

On the other hand, soil can also contribute to foundation issues. In areas where there are periods of flooding, the shifts in soil may cause slab leaks. The soil in drought conditions are hard and don’t allow for much movement. However, during floods, the soil expands allowing extra water and movement. This may cause the pipes to leak. 

Floors and Carpets

If you have never had a slab leak there are various signs that will help you discern whether or not you have one. Wet flooring and carpeting is a sign that there might be an underlying slab leak in the foundation. 

If there are water-using appliances nearby and you aren’t sure if those are causing the leak, there are a few other ways you can tell. If the water is hot or there is also a crack in your floor or wall, then it’s probably a slab leak. You can also contact a professional plumbing company for slab leak detection. In fact, the Dial One Johnson Desoto plumbing experts are masters at slab leak detection. 

Other Signs to Notice

Wet flooring and carpeting is an obvious sign for most homeowners that there’s an issue, but there are other signs that can be difficult to detect. Here are some other other signs to take a note of:

  • Spike in water bill
  • Constant sound of running water in the walls
  • Cracks in the foundation 
  • Mold on the walls or the floors
  • Damp areas 
  • Soil changes around the home
  • Hot spots underneath flooring

Having more than one of these signs increases the chance that you have a slab leak somewhere in your home. Contact a plumber for slab leak detection and plumbing services.

How to Fix a Slab Leak 

A plumber will need to fix a slab leak in your home as it requires complex tools, strategy and loads of experience. When a plumber comes to your home they will assess what caused your slab leak. This could be soil changes, pipe corrosions, water pressure or some other issue. 

This can help the plumbers figure out where the leak is located and how to fix it. The plumbers are, unfortunately, going to have to break open the concrete to get to the leak. That is unless the leak is located at the edge of the property where the plumbers can dig to it instead. 

What Method of Slab Leak Repair to Choose

Overall, your plumber will make the final decision for what your home needs in regard to slab repair options. There are certain methods that they will consider which is important for all homeowners to know. Licensed plumbers will need to access the slab and underneath it, so be prepared for extensive damage to be done to your foundation and perhaps even flooring. Here are some ways that a professional will fix the slab:

  • Drill into the concrete slab to access the leak and replace the pipe.
  • Dig around the perimeter of the property if the slab is located close to the edge. 
  • Carefully reroute the plumbing after drilling into the slab.

Although new technology has revolutionised the way that plumbers detect slab leaks, plumbing repair for the leak itself has virtually remained the same. 

Dependable Desoto Plumbing 

Slab leak detection is easy for professionals, but you’re the one that has to call them first. Look out for the signs of slab leaks and know what your options are. Are you looking for affordable and reliable options? Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating is the right company for you. We offer many slab leak repair options to fit just about any budget. 

We also provide all kinds of plumbing repair in addition to slab leak repair. Water heater repair, clogged toilets and corroded plumbing are only some of the additional services that we provide. Leave the worrying to our team, we’ve got your back.

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