HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets are cherished family members, but all that hair means pet owners need to keep up with HVAC maintenance. When our furry friends shed, excessive hair and pet dander can clog up air filters and vents. If left unchecked, this will cause an HVAC unit to lose efficiency and impact the air quality in your home. 

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Read to learn more about HVAC maintenance for pet owners. 

7 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Take a look at these seven HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners with pets:

1. Groom Pets Regularly

When pets shed, they typically ditch their undercoats to prepare for a change in the weather. Dogs and cats shed more than usual during the spring and fall. That said, pet hair causes HVAC troubles year-round. Take your pets to a professional groomer regularly to conquer all that fluff. You can also brush them at home in between visits and dispose of hair in the garbage or outside.

Grooming your pets often will keep them looking and feeling great. It also keeps your air filters cleaner, which means you won’t need to replace them as frequently. Clogged air filters impede proper air flow. This makes your air conditioning unit work much harder than it needs to. The resulting wear and tear can shorten your unit’s lifespan, costing you money in the long term.   

2. Replace Air Filters Frequently

As mentioned above, dirty or clogged air filters keep your system from running efficiently. Pet owners might need to replace air filters (or clean reusable filters) every 30–45 days. This number depends on the number of pets in the home and just how furry those pets are. Those who suffer from pet-related allergies may benefit from installing HEPA-type air filters in their homes. A professional HVAC technician can assess your home and make indoor air quality recommendations based on your situation.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

Our pets are generally less sensitive to small temperature changes than we are. Setting your thermostat slightly higher or lower while you’re away during the day can help you save big in the long run. It’s important to avoid extreme temperature changes with pets in the home. We should always aim to keep our four-legged friends happy and comfortable. Stick to temperature adjustments between 1°– 5°F. This may seem like a small difference, but it can save you a surprising amount of money across a season.

4. Keep Your HVAC Unit Enclosed

With pets in the yard, it’s a good idea to fence off your outdoor condenser unit. Dogs and other pets may try to urinate on an outdoor unit or chew on exposed parts. This can lead to costly repairs and creates safety concerns for your pets. Place fencing one to three feet away from the unit to avoid blocking airflow. Along the same vein, keep any indoor wiring or exposed component parts properly enclosed and away from pets.

Homeowners with furnaces should keep doors to the furnace room shut or install barriers. Pet hair can build up around essential components or interfere with the unit’s pilot light, creating a fire hazard.

5. Vacuum Carpets and Couches

As you can tell by now, managing pet hair is the name of the game when it comes to HVAC maintenance for pet owners. Vacuum carpets and couches frequently to keep pet hair from getting kicked up and sucked into air ducts. It’s also a good idea to wash pet bedding and blankets frequently to minimize the amount of pet hair present in the home.   

6. Keep Air Ducts and Vents Clean

Pet hair and pet dander can build up in your air ducts over time. This affects the air quality in your home. In extreme cases, a severe build-up can impede airflow and place unnecessary strain on your unit. Excessive hair and dander deposits can lead to bacteria growth, musty odors and an uptick in allergy symptoms. Minimize hair and dander in air vents by vacuuming out floor vents and registers once a month. The hose attachment on your vacuum can also be used to reach further into vents and ducts.

When sweeping floors, take care not to sweep hair and debris into floor vents. Prevent pet hair-related AC repairs in your air ducts by having them professionally cleaned every two to four years.

7. Install Pet Doors Properly

Ensure that any pet doors in the home are properly caulked and sealed with a waterproof sealant. Be sure to secure pet doors tightly when they aren’t in use. Air leaks can drive up utility costs and make your unit work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. 

Air Conditioner Repair in Desoto, Texas

With pets in the home, the best thing you can do for your HVAC unit is to schedule annual maintenance from a Desoto air conditioning and heating expert. A qualified technician will clean your unit top-to-bottom and inspect it for loose or worn parts. Keeping up with annual maintenance will help you save big on costly repairs by preventing them in the first place.

Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating can help with repairs, installations and regular HVAC maintenance. Our qualified technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured to meet your needs. 

We offer expert service in plumbing, heating and air conditioner repair in Desoto, Texas. All of our customers receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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