Duct Cleaning Services: Why, When, & How?

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Most home systems are easily maintained by simply practicing good habits. But, what happens with systems that are not readily accessible, like your ducts? The frequency with which homes are cleaned varies from one homeowner to the next. Even the tidiest homeowners are often left running in circles when looking into cleaning their Duncanville air conditioning ductwork.

The best choice that homeowners can make is to work with a partner that is certified by the National Duct Cleaners Association(NADCA), such as Dial One Plumbing

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Duct Cleaning

The truth is that there are few clear-cut answers when scouring the internet for duct cleaning answers, as home conditions can vary. Factors such as climate, the size of your home’s air conditioning unit and attention to maintenance all play a role in the frequency with which you should have your ducts professionally cleaned.

The most important thing to remember is that duct cleaning is a less than an ideal DIY project, as the typical residential cleaning equipment does not have adequate power when compared to commercial tools. 

Why Should I Clean My Ducts?

When diving into duct cleaning services there can be a ton of misinformation that homeowners must sift through. Keep in mind that while your ducts will inevitably start to accumulate dust over time, they are not a dynamic part of your system. HVAC inefficiencies and air quality are much more likely to be caused by other issues in your system.

These facts are often glossed over by cleaning companies that are treating one aspect of the system, as opposed to a holistic approach that more reputable HVAC companies utilize. Homeowners can have the biggest impact by scheduling regular maintenance and changing their air filter.

The most important reason to regularly clean your ducts revolves around moisture accumulation that creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The presence of mold creates potential health risks for all residents but can be a trigger for those that suffer from allergies or asthma.

Outside of the health risks, mold and mildew must be remediated if left unattended which can be costly to homeowners. Walls, floors and ceilings may need to be replaced if remediation is not an option. Give a professional technician a call to learn more about indoor air quality

When Should I Clean My Ducts?

Homeowners looking for a hard and fast answer will likely be frustrated. This is because there is not a simple one-size-fits-all answer. A schedule that works great for one home might not be ideal for the next.

With so many variables to consider, the best course of action is to pay attention to your system. Should you notice any of the following, you will know that it is time to schedule an appointment with a professional:

1. Dust Coming From The Vents

Even the cleanest home will see dust buildup eventually occur in its ductwork. The vast majority of the time this should be little cause for concern. Dust that has settled in the ducts of your home is much less likely to be recirculated than homeowners might expect. 

Substantial amounts of accumulation warrant attention. This issue is detected through the presence of small puffs of dust when your HVAC kicks on. This type of accumulation generally results from a dirty air filter. As air is brought into your system, a clogged filter will restrict airflow. Dust or dander that is normally caught by your filter will find the path of least resistance to enter your system. Thus, the importance of regularly replacing the air filter.

2. High Moisture

HVAC systems are designed to remove moisture from your home. Recirculated air that feels damp or musty is a clear sign that your system is struggling to properly remove moisture. 

Although the culprit is more likely to be related to another part of the system, the excess moisture in your ducts may have opened the door for mold and mildew. Musty odors often accompany these home invaders, helping homeowners to identify problem areas in the home before they progress to emergency HVAC issues.

3. Mold Growth

Left untreated, homes with high humidity will start to see mold growth in areas outside of their HVAC. Walls and ceilings are often the first areas to see excess mold growth, especially around vents.

Texas summers often bring high humidity, making it all the more important that your Duncanville air conditioning system is working properly. Schedule HVAC maintenance before the summer months to ensure that you are not left sweating when the mercury starts to rise.

4. Infestation

Homes that encounter pest problems should immediately schedule their ducts to be cleaned. Diseases such as hantavirus can live in rodent feces and are transmitted to humans through the air. The dark, undisturbed ductwork provides a perfect place for these vermin to build nests.

If you recently moved into a home that sat empty for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to schedule your ducts to be cleaned for this reason alone.

Heating and Air Conditioning Duncanville, TX

Duct cleaning can be frustrating even for the most seasoned homeowners. Regular maintenance makes an enormous impact on the health and performance of your Duncanville air conditioning system. Working with a NADCA professional will help remove the stress of dialing in your system.

Homeowners in the DFW Metroplex know that the Dial One Plumbing, Cooling and Heating team is the team to call for all things HVAC. Our whole system approach ensures that your home will stay comfortable and cool, even during the dog days of summer. Whether it is duct cleaning, general maintenance or an emergency HVAC service, our team has your back.

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