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If it was possible to DIY every home problem that came your way, you probably would. But, factoring in time, money, tools, materials and safety, in many cases it’s just not feasible. It is especially not feasible when it comes to heating services. 


Furnaces and heating systems can be finicky pieces of equipment. You should know exactly what you are doing before you try to fix a heating system yourself. This is often why it is best to invest in a professional heating service. 


One of the best HVAC contractors Waxahahcie, TX is Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating. To schedule service with our team, give us a call at (469) 557 – 2703. 


Continue reading for reasons why you should invest in a professional heating service. 

Save Time and Money

While many DIY gurus claim that you can save thousands of dollars by solving HVAC problems yourself, they often end up costing just as much, if not more, than professional service. Consider the money you’ll have to spend on tools, hardware and materials. What if you need to replace a part? The part alone could be hundreds of dollars. Now think about how long it might take you to complete a DIY heating repair


When you hire a professional heating repair technician, you can rest assured that they will get the problem solved quickly and inexpensively. With Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating, we will go to great lengths to ensure that the problem is fixed the first time. Don’t waste your money on tools and materials for a project that will end up taking up an entire weekend, maybe even longer. Call a professional heating service instead. 

Coupons and Rebates

Most professional heating services offer coupons and rebates, including Dial One Johnson. If you complete a repair by yourself you will have to pay full price for any parts and materials that you buy. Great HVAC companies like ours are there to help, not to squeeze every last penny out of you. Consider scheduling service with the professionals so that you can take advantage of their special offers.


We also offer financing options. If you are doing a DIY heating repair because you are afraid of spending too much money on professional repair, consider using a financing option. This will allow you to pay for service in installments, rather than all at once. Contact us to learn more.

Family Owned and Operated

When it comes to HVAC service, nothing beats family owned and operated. The Dial One Johnson family has been serving the Dallas area for over 50 years. We know the ins and the outs of the industry, helping you to save money on service. 


Heating service is not just about getting in, doing the job and getting out. It is also about making sure our neighbors have anything they need. We are here to answer any of your questions and walk you through our services. You want someone that you can trust in the case of an emergency heating repair or other issue. Don’t hesitate to call the Dial One Johnson team. 

Proper Safety Precautions

Even if you have the proper tools and materials that you need to fix your furnace, heat pump or heating system, safety often gets overlooked. Most heating systems have electrical connections in some shape or form. Even gas furnaces have some components that require electricity. It is never recommended to do any kind of electrical work yourself. This is why you should consider investing in our professional heating service.


Not only do we have the training to know when a situation is unsafe. We also have the personal protective equipment to ensure that we stay safe throughout the process. Our team is also equipped to identify serious, hazardous issues before they wreak havoc. Issues such as cracked heat exchangers, for example, are extremely dangerous. If you aren’t trained to notice these kinds of problems, then you may overlook them and cause a safety issue. 

Emergency Services

You probably won’t want to DIY an emergency heating issue. This is when having a partnership with a local HVAC company comes in handy. Once you have already scheduled service with our team, we will have all of your information queued up and ready. This way, when you come across an HVAC emergency, all you have to do is call and we will be there lickety split. 


We also provide emergency cooling service and plumbing services. Don’t waste your time trying to find different companies to solve all of your problems, find one that can solve them all. At Dial One Johnson, we know the importance of having working heating, cooling and plumbing systems. This is why we provide around-the-clock emergency services to those who need it. 

Year-Round Maintenance

When you choose to hire a heating company, you will have the best man for the job of providing maintenance right at your fingertips. A professional technician has the training to complete full heating and cooling maintenance. From cleaning the systems to inspecting the air duct, we are ready to improve your indoor air quality and prevent future repairs. 


If you choose Dial One Johnson, then you can benefit from our maintenance plans. Choose the plan you want and save money on necessary maintenance appointments. Learn more about our maintenance plans.

Quality HVAC Waxahachie Services

Have we convinced you yet to invest in our professional heating service? At Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating you can expect only the highest quality HVAC contractors Waxahahcie, TX. From HVAC to plumbing, we have got your back. 


We offer repairs, replacements, maintenance, emergency services and more for all kinds of plumbing, heating and cooling systems. With over 50 years of service under our belt in the Dallas area, you can trust our team to handle your HVAC and plumbing needs.


To schedule an appointment with Dial One Johnson, give us a call at (469) 518 – 4211 or contact us online. 


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