6 Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

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Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Spring in Texas brings weather that is unpredictable at best. Monday we might feel like summer is around the corner, only to be kicked back into winter the next day as a northern rolls across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, bringing ice and snow in its wake.


All of this back and forth causes strain on your HVAC system. You probably bounce between the air conditioner and furnace to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Scheduling annual maintenance for your furnace will keep your family comfortable and remove the worry for unexpected heating repair in Desoto, TX. 

The Impact of Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance should be a priority for any homeowner. If you want your system to last as long as possible, and work everytime you turn it on, you should schedule maintenance once or twice a year. Here are the compelling reasons to schedule furnace maintenance:

1. Safety

The #1 priority for the Dial One Johnson team is your family’s safety. With natural gas units increasing in popularity because of their high efficiency ratings, the risk of carbon monoxide leaks should not be taken lightly.


Properly functioning furnaces will release carbon monoxide. These gases flow through an exhaust pipe, venting safely outside of the home. Over time it is expected that parts may fail or connections may loosen. When this occurs, leaks can form, which cause carbon monoxide to be trapped in your home. 


With regular maintenance, your HVAC technician can quickly identify faulty parts before they get worse and open the door to health issues, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of this risk, all work on your furnace should be done by a trained professional. 

2. Cost Savings

Whether looking over your monthly utility bill or lifetime costs associated with general maintenance and repairs, cost savings is another reason to schedule furnace maintenance. When operating properly, your furnace will heat your home efficiently. It can be expected that your gas or electric bill will go up slightly during months of heavier usage. More importantly, you will reduce the risk of large energy bill spikes due to system inefficiencies. 


Aging furnaces will require more attention, but those that have had a history of proper maintenance are less likely to drop large utility or repair bills on your lap.

3. Efficiency

Your furnace, just like any other system in your home, is most efficient when it is maintained and working properly. Efficiency is critical during times of year that your furnace is working overtime to keep the cool Desoto air regulated and comfortable.


It is easy to forget that your furnace is a complex system that is made of several parts that have to work in unison to efficiently heat your home. Something as small as a dirty air filter can impact how your system operates and can lead to larger issues and unexpected repairs.

4. Life of the Unit

Most manufacturers state that a homeowner can expect the life of their furnace to be 15-20 years. As a result, HVAC units are a critical home system that require a large investment upon replacement.


Maintenance allows you to maximize your investment and avoid major costs prematurely. Just as you change the oil in your car to increase its longevity, regular furnace maintenance helps your system last as long as possible and avoid unexpected heating repair costs.

5. Maintaining Your Warranty

For newer HVAC systems, most repairs will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Within the fine print, you may notice that in order to maintain the warranty you are required to schedule regular maintenance by a licensed professional.


When it comes to warranties, homeowners should maximize their coverage and avoid actions that void any future coverage. From the manufacturer’s perspective, this simply lowers the risk of larger repairs being needed due to neglect or faulty work. 

6. Emergency Repair Costs

The overwhelming majority of emergency furnace repairs can be prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance by a licensed and top-rated HVAC technician. But it is important to remember that even with regular maintenance your furnace may run into issues and need emergency service. Where maintenance comes into play is the frequency with which these types of services are needed.

When To (and When Not To) DIY Furnace Maintenance

As stated before, any repairs that need to be done to your furnace should be handled by a licensed professional. It’s also true that there are preventative maintenance actions that you can take to make sure your furnace gets a clean bill of health.


Here are 3 tips:

Replace Air Filters Regularly

This might seem obvious, but checking your air filters and replacing as needed will go a long way to making sure your system is running properly. Once a filter is clogged with dirt, hair and other debris, the system is unable to get the proper amount of air flow and your system will struggle to operate properly.


Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your air filters every 3-6 months, but you may need to replace them more frequently if you have pets. Higher quality air filters that are specifically designed with fur babies in mind will help with the increased dander in the Desoto air. In addition to the health of your system, clean air filters will improve air quality in your home.

Clear Intake Areas

Furnaces pull and recirculate air in your home. Heating air that is already warm allows them to work more efficiently. Smaller debris, like dust and dander, that is sucked through the vent will be caught by your filter. Larger items that restrict airflow will cause similar issues to a clogged filter.


Most air intake vents are located close to your HVAC’s inside unit. Double-check that intake vents are not blocked or clogged with dirt or debris like pet hair.

Listen for Odd Sounds

The sound of your furnace is so common you may rarely notice when it kicks on, simply melting into the white noise of your home. Periodically checking for subtle knocking or squeaking can help identify areas of need earlier, saving you money in the long run. Severe screeching or clanking should be addressed immediately. When in doubt, call a professional to help diagnose and assist with any repairs. 

Finding a Heating Repair – Desoto, TX

Acknowledging the importance of furnace maintenance is the first step. Having a trusted team to back you up for all your HVAC needs, whether maintenance or emergency, is the next.


Dial One Johnson is the #1 choice for homeowners in search of HVAC replacement and repair in Desoto, Texas, serving the residents of Dallas County and the greater Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex for over 50 years. With offices in Midlothian and Cedar Hill, and 24-hour service options, you can count on our team of professional, licensed plumbers to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.


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