Top 15 Ways You’re Wasting Water

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Top 15 Ways You’re Wasting Water

The way you brush your teeth or do the dishes can be some of the most detrimental ways that you are wasting water. Most of these habits happen unconsciously and are part of everyday life. There are some easy ways to fix them and start saving water to keep your water bill low.

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Read further to find out the 15 most common ways you are wasting water, and how to avoid these common mistakes. 

1. Older Equipment 

Older pieces of equipment tend to use more water than newer, more efficient models. The toilet is the one thing in your home that can end up costing you the most money and wasting the most water. An older toilet may be wasting gallons of water per flush. To save water and money in the long run, install an energy efficient toilet by scheduling bathroom plumbing services

2. Hosing Down your Sidewalks 

Hosing down your sidewalks to clean them may save you time, but it is a common way to waste gallons of water. Consider giving your property a light sweep to keep it tidy instead. 

3. Older Showerhead 

The older the showerhead, the less efficient it becomes. Showerheads can start to fall apart, get clogged, become loose or have other issues that cause it to waste water. Installing a new one will help to save water and money. 

4. Leaky Faucets and Others

A leaky faucet may seem like an annoying problem, but it can become a costly one if left alone. While a drip may not seem like much, throughout the day it can waste gallons. Make sure to keep your plumbing units maintained and schedule water leak repair.

5. Partial Laundry Loads 

Washing a half load of laundry may seem like you’re saving yourself time, but it actually wastes water. Wash loads when the machine is full so that the amount of water used is not wasted on a half cycle. If you do decide to have partial laundry loads, consider a normal washing cycle or light cycle. 

6. Running Faucets 

One of the most common ways you waste water is having the faucet running. It is an unconscious habit that can be costly if not broken soon. Set a reminder while brushing your teeth to turn the faucet off. Washing dishes with running water can also easily be fixed by using a stopper and filling the sink with soap and water. It may seem counter-productive, but it will save you a lot of water. 

7. Pool Covers 

Do you have a pool but do not own a pool cover? Having a pool cover can reduce the amount of evaporation from your pool. The more water that is vaporized, the more you’re going to have to fill up your pool. If you have a pool cover, it is more likely to cool off on a hot and sunny day. 

8. Overwatering Outside 

If you tend to water your plants and grass during the day, there is a chance that you may be wasting more water than you think. With evaporation, you can unintentionally overwater your plants. This is not beneficial for your wallet or your plants. 

9. Long Baths and Showers

Taking a long bath or shower seems like the best thing at the end of the day, but it can also be one of the biggest water wasters. Add in an inefficient showerhead and you have a recipe for gallons of wasted water. Consider taking shorter showers and baths to aid in conserving water. 

10. Owning a Top-Loading Washing Machine

If you own a top-loading washing machine, you may need to consider purchasing a front-loading washing machine. A top-loader uses more water to wash the same amount of clothes as a front-loader. It is less efficient and uses about two times the amount of gallons per cycle than a front-loading washing machine. To get the most bang for your buck, opt in for a front-loading washing machine.

11. Washing Dishes

Washing dishes by hand can be an easy way to get a lot of dishes out the way. But this can waste a lot of water if you leave the faucet running. Put in a stopper for the drain and fill up your sink with soap and water. You will be doing the dishes in the same amount of time but with less water wasting. 

12. High Water Temperatures Outside

Keeping your pool and hot tub at high temperatures when not in use can waste water due to evaporation. Not only will you have to fill it up more often, but it will also be a big electricity drainer. 

13. Overfilling the Bathtub 

Overfilling the bathtub can waste a tremendous amount of water, especially for small pets, children and others who do not need a full tub of hot water. Consider a half tub of water for pets and children, and possibly a sink bath for infants. 

14. Watering on Windy Days 

When it is windy, the water will not always land where you aim. Wind pushes the water away and you might end up using more water for your plants than on clear days. If you do need to water on windy days, make sure to water in the early mornings or later in the night. This can also help to deter the effects of evaporation. 

15. Partial Dishwasher Loads

Feeling a bit lazy in the morning with only a few dishes in sight? Try not to partially fill your dishwasher with dishes because you will be wasting more water for less dishes. Instead, wait until you have filled up your entire dishwasher, from top to bottom, and perform a normal cycle. If you do need to do a partial cycle, set it to a light rinse. 

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