Winter Preventative HVAC Maintenance Tips

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HVAC Maintenance Tips

As the weather begins to cool down, you may want to start preparing your home for when you have to turn the heat on. Things like replacing filters and reprogramming your thermostat are great ways to prepare for the winter season. Completing preventative maintenance will help to ensure that your system does not break down in the middle of the night, leaving you without proper heat.


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Continue reading for more information on how to properly prepare your HVAC system for the winter season.

Schedule Maintenance and Inspection 

The most important thing that you can do for your HVAC system to prepare for winter is to schedule maintenance and an inspection. During a maintenance appointment a technician will lubricate moving parts, tighten nuts and bolts, inspect for damage, replace filters if you have them on hand and complete other tasks. 


When you schedule regular maintenance two times a year not only does your system benefit, but you benefit as well. With maintenance your system lasts longer, is more efficient and requires fewer repairs. All of this saves you money on monthly energy bills, future heating replacements and frustrating repairs. 


The best times of year to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system are spring and fall. This is because these seasons are when weather is most neutral and HVAC companies are less busy. You may even save money on maintenance costs if you schedule it during these seasons. Don’t skip professional maintenance or else you will have to face the consequences.

Replace Filters

Replacing your filters once a month is just as important as scheduling regular maintenance. Many homeowners choose to neglect their filters which can cause many problems. Over time, filters can become clogged with dust, dirt and debris. This causes the HVAC system to work harder in order to produce the same amount of warm air it was previously producing. 


This may cause your system to overheat, become damaged or even break down, all of which require repairs. It is much easier to just replace your filter once a month than to have to deal with a broken heating system in the winter. Replacing your filter also improves your indoor air quality. You can purchase filters at your local home improvement store and even at some grocery stores.

Open Registers and Vents

Walk around your home and open up all of the registers and vents to rooms that you use on a daily basis. Don’t open the registers in rooms that are rarely used such as guest or utility rooms. This will save you some money on your energy bills. You should also be sure that all vents and registers are not blocked by any furniture or decor. Doing this allows your heating system to effectively heat your home without putting strain on it.

Reprogram Thermostat

Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s important to reprogram your thermostat. Many homeowners choose to program their thermostats to be higher at night and lower during the day while they are at work. This can save you lots of money on energy costs. 


If you don’t already own a programmable thermostat, you may want to consider having one installed. They are an excellent way to conserve energy. This is how they work: you can set your thermometer to automatically change temperatures at certain times of the day. You could set it to be higher when you are home and lower when you are at work. This is so that you don’t waste money on warm air that you won’t be home to enjoy. 


Many programmable thermostats have a 5 – 2 feature that allow you to have one program for the five weekdays and one program for the weekend. Talk to your HVAC technician if you are interested in installing a programmable thermostat. 

Implement Safety Measures

During the winter, there are higher risks of gas leaks and fires due to use of furnaces, portable heaters, heated blankets, fireplaces and other heating appliances. While it is important to stay warm and comfortable during the winter, you should also make sure you are staying safe. Take a look at some winter safety precautions you should be taking:


  • Test carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms every 30 days.
  • Get your fireplace and chimney inspected at least once a year, before winter. 
  • Install a glass cover for your fireplace. This not only keeps you safe when your fireplace is in use, but also keeps warm air inside when it is not in use. Be sure to remove ashes only once they have completely cooled.
  • Replace smoke detectors every 10 years. Consider installing a hardwired smoke detector. 
  • Always blow out candles, turn off space heaters and unplug heated blankets when not in use. 
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace. 
  • When you begin to pull out your heating appliances for the winter, be sure to check them for any electrical damages such as frayed or exposed wires.
  • Don’t plug heating appliances such as portable heaters or heated blankets into extension cords. You should only plug them into grounded outlets.

Following these tips will help keep you, your home and your family safe during the winter.

Seal Doors and Windows

Sealing your doors and windows before weather cools down is a great way to make sure you are conserving energy. You would hate to find out that a percentage of your warm air was escaping through your doors and windows. That’s why it is so important to keep them sealed as much as possible.

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