10 Tips for Hiring a Red Oak Heating and Cooling Contractor

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The most important step in scheduling a Red Oak heating and cooling service is choosing the right contractor. So, next time you search “air conditioning repair companies near me,” don’t just choose the first one that pops up. If you hire an inexperienced and unqualified technician, then you’re looking at ineffective service that could potentially decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system.

On the other hand, if you hire a certified, experienced and customer service-oriented technician, then your HVAC system will run better than ever.

Continue reading for ten tips on hiring a heating and cooling contractor in Red Oak.

1. Reviews

The first and easiest thing that you should do when looking for an HVAC contractor is check out their reviews. You should look for four stars or more and make sure to read any poor or negative reviews. Google, Yelp and HomeAdvisor are great places to start looking at reviews.

It is also not a bad idea to look at the company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau. Highly reviewed and rated HVAC contractors are the ones that you should continue to research.

2. Experience

A company’s experience is also a great way to gauge how capable a contractor is. Has the contractor been in business for at least five years? If the answer is no, then you may want to move on. Companies with over five years of experience are typically more suited to quickly and effectively handling all kinds of HVAC problems.

If you still want to give an inexperienced contractor a chance, then be sure to thoroughly vet them before you schedule an appointment.

3. Licensing

One of the most important criteria for finding a great HVAC contractor is checking their licenses and certifications. In the state of Texas, heating and cooling contractors are required to have a license through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

If you are struggling to find an HVAC company’s licensing, scroll to the bottom of their webpage or give them a call to find out. When a heating and cooling contractor has a license to practice, you will feel more secure knowing that they are qualified to provide service and you are protected from the cost of damage or accidents.

4. Safety Measures

Asking a stranger to come into your house can be scary, especially if you have children or you will be home alone. When you find an HVAC contractor that you like, give them a call to ask about their safety measures. You want only the most trustworthy technicians to fix your HVAC system and give you peace of mind.

When you call, ask if the company’s technicians have criminal background checks and are drug tested. You should also check to see if they take any additional safety precautions such as cleaning protocols or privacy rules.

5. Special Offers and Financing

A great way to see if a heating and cooling contractor is looking out for your best interest is to ask if they have any special offers, rebates or coupons. Installing or replacing an HVAC system is a huge expense and many people will appreciate saving even a few dollars.

Also, check if the company offers flexible financing options. Any HVAC company should understand that every family’s budget is different and can only accommodate so much.

6. Services

Go through the contractor’s website and keep an eye out for the services that they provide. Does the company only offer heating and cooling repairs? If they only offer repairs, they may not be hireable for HVAC replacements or installations. “Repair only” services may indicate that technicians don’t have very much experience or equipment.

Don’t forget to check if they offer emergency services. A company that offers emergency services is a company that cares about their customer’s safety and comfort.

7. Equipment Efficiency

Check out the products that the company endorses or offers: are they Energy Star certified? When an HVAC system is energy star certified that means that the equipment is highly efficient and durable. The more efficient an HVAC system is, the longer it will last and the more your energy bills will drop.

A great HVAC contractor will always recommend the most efficient equipment that fits within your budget.

8. Home Evaluation

An HVAC contractor should always ask to complete a home evaluation before replacing or installing a new system. This is important for a variety of reasons. An HVAC unit has to be sized before it can be installed. If a unit is sized incorrectly it won’t last as long. Inappropriate units will increase your energy bills and be unable to provide heating and cooling throughout your home.

Technicians cannot just replace your old unit with a similarly sized one because it may have been incorrectly sized the first time. If an HVAC contractor does not offer to complete a home evaluation, then you should move on in your search.

9. Itemized Estimate

Always ask your contractor to provide you with an itemized estimate before you agree to service. This way, you will know at least a range of what a replacement or installation will cost you. With an estimate you will also be able to compare different contractors to find out which offers the best service at an affordable price.

Within the itemized estimate, you should be able to see the warranty information, unit model and more. Be sure to ask your contractor for this information so that you choose the best Red Oak heating and cooling company in your area

10. Contract

The last thing that you should do before hiring a company is to ask for a written proposal. The proposal should list much of what was included in the itemized estimate as well as any stipulations that may change the pricing of work. For example, if an additional issue arises during service, the final cost will most likely increase.

Requesting a written contract protects you from sketchy contractors that want to get as much money from you as possible.

A Red Oak Heating and Cooling Contractor you can Trust

Why search for “air conditioning repair companies near me,” when you could just hire the best heating and cooling company in Red Oak? Dial One Johnson Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has been serving the Red Oak area since 1965. With over 50 years of service, our technicians understand the importance of excellent customer service.

We have all of the necessary licensing and always properly size a unit before installation. Our team cares deeply about our customers and are willing to provide any estimates, contracts or proof of safety measures. For honest and dependable HVAC service, use Dial One Johnson.

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