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Many Dallas area residents have basements or crawl spaces under their homes. These areas are prone to flooding because they are the lowest points of a house. Mold is also a concern because of the wet soil that basements and crawl spaces have to sit in. When you experience extremely heavy rains, excess groundwater may appear in your basement from the wet soil. Luckily, sump pumps can help curb flooding concerns.

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What is a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are installed in a hole at the lowest point of your home, typically in a basement or crawl space. Sump pumps only turn on when they need to so that your energy bills don’t increase. When the pressure sensor is activated due to water filling the hole, the sump pump will turn on and begin to drain the water through a pipe.
The water is typically taken to a pond or storm drain and includes a check valve so that the water cannot flow back into your home. If your basement is especially prone to flooding, it is recommended that you have an extra sump pump. This way, if your regular pump fails then you still have a way to drain the water.
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Sump Pump Repair

Installing A Sump Pump Will Give You Peace Of Mind That Your Basement Is Safe From Flooding. Although This Is True, Your Sump Pump Still Requires Maintenance And May Need A Repair Every Once In A While. It Is Important That You Check It Often To Make Sure That It Is Properly Running. The Last Thing That You Want Is For Your Sump Pump To Fail When You Need It The Most.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Our Team To Handle Their Sump Pump Needs:
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