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Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has been providing professional furnace repair and installation for over 50 years. In Cedar Hill and the Dallas Metro area, we are a trusted provider for commercial HVAC services and commercial furnace installation.
With our extensive experience and ample qualifications, we can address broken furnaces and provide the right assessment to get a new unit for your commercial space. We understand that businesses can’t afford the disruption and down-time to wait for a new furnace. If the furnace has broken down in your business, let us help you out.
Need help fast? If you have an HVAC or furnace emergency, we provide 24-hour emergency services. Give us a call: 972-291-0740 or schedule service online.
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Dial One Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has multiple teams of HVAC experts. We are qualified, licensed and insured. This is a basic standard and we seek to exceed it everytime, also offering above-and-beyond consulting and customer service. If a furnace has broken down in your business, you may have a variety of problems. It could be that your thermostat has broken, you have a damaged light switch or pilot controls or you have dirty filters. It could also be that you have a major mechanical failure that is restricting airflow. In any case, sometimes a furnace has simply died and it’s time to get a new one. We can come in and make sure that you are getting the right furnace at the right price.
Reach out TODAY to learn about commercial air conditioner repair and new air conditioner installations.

Hire a Commercial Furnace Installer

A commercial heating system is a complex appliance that is integrated into many other systems in a building. It’s essential that any work done on an HVAC or furnace is performed by a licensed professional. Having anyone besides an HVAC tech perform installations can void a manufacturer warranty.
A professional furnace installer will be able to tick all of the boxes. This includes measuring energy requirements and capacity, a property sized unit that has the right functional capacity, high-efficiency options to save money in the long-run, safety issues and proper ventilation. Without these important considerations, you could expose people in the building to carbon monoxide leaks or install a unit that’s the wrong size.
Commercial furnaces are different from residential furnaces. You may want a unit that runs on natural gas, electricity or even oil. These function in different ways. Some are better-suited to commercial applications. Our expert team can provide a great consultation to ensure that you are making the right choice for your commercial furnace.
There are a few different steps to installing a new commercial furnace. Once you’ve selected and purchased the properly sized unit, the old one will have to go. This may include replacing a heat pump or simply removing an old furnace. A furnace cabinet will need to be placed and then connected to power and ducts. The furnace should be firmly bolted to the floor. Ductwork connections and all of the aspects of furnace installation require expert tools and processes. Any leaks could be catastrophic. Improperly installed units will burn out fast and cost way more money in the long run.
We’re here to help. Let the team at Dial One Johnson handle your commercial furnace install.
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