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The flame sensor on your furnace is essential for your unit to function properly. Even if your commercial furnace isn’t on through much of our Texas year, it’s important that it doesn’t get cracked or corroded. If your furnace light is shutting down after a few minutes (short cycling) or you see other observable signs that it needs repair, give us a call.
Dial One Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has helped businesses in Cedar Hill and the Dallas Metro area for over 50 years. We are well-equipped with teams of HVAC pros. Even something as small as a flame sensor can amount to major repairs if it isn’t addressed. Most commonly, it just needs to be professionally cleaned. It may be giving off an error signal or simply undermining the function of your commercial furnace. Whatever the issue, we can identify and resolve it.
Our HVAC teams provide a full range of furnace services. We also understand that your business can’t afford downtime. Because of that, we are here for 24-hour emergency services. Give us a call: 972-291-0740 or schedule service online.
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Flame sensors impact gas or electric furnaces. A faulty flame sensor can cause a full system shutdown. Flame sensors are an important safety device that often look like a bent, metal rod. They sit in front of the flame stream in your commercial furnace. Carbon buildup, soot and more can cause the flame sensor to get crusted. If it’s too dirty to function, it should be removed and cleaned.
Alternatively, your flame sensor may actually be broken. If it needs to be replaced, the power to your furnace should be shut off. This requires an expert HVAC tech. Remember that performing your own repairs on a furnace could void the manufacturer warranty. It’s important to call in the pros when you’re dealing with the potential of toxic fumes and fire hazards in your commercial building.
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The flame on a commercial furnace (or any furnace) needs to stay lit for it to send heat through your space. The sensor shutting off may be symptomatic of a larger issue. For instance, you could have a blockage that would cause more soot or grime to build up within your unit. This could have the impact of soiling and shutting off your flame sensor. If it was cleaned, the issue would reoccur because the root cause hadn’t been addressed.
This is just one reason that you should only hire HVAC professionals to take care of any and all furnace issues. You are literally playing with fire.
Malfunctioning flame sensors are just one of the major issues that could be occurring in your commercial furnace.
Professional furnace repair can help out with all of these issues. You may face a continuously running furnace, damaged blower, broken mechanical part or component, broken thermostat, malfunctioning pilot controls or dirty filters. Anything that restricts airflow or prevents proper functioning is putting immense strain on your commercial furnace. Even though some of these issues are small and easily fixed, they can snowball into much larger issues if you don’t get them addressed.
At Dial One, we recommend and offer biannual HVAC maintenance. This is to ensure that our experts can spot issues before they become problems.
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