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Ductless heating is an appealing commercial option for businesses in Cedar Hill and Dallas. Because we experience so few cold days, it may be a cost-saving and energy-saving option to install ductless heaters. Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has the expertise to assess your commercial building and help you make that choice.
Professional, high-tech ductless heating units can save a lot of money in energy costs and are simpler to install and maintain than conventional heaters. They function at low ambient temps and offer a one to one indoor/outdoor unit connection. Not just suited for small spaces, installing a commercial ductless heater may be the right option for your business.
Want to learn more about a commercial ductless heater? Our team of knowledgeable and highly qualified HVAC techs can provide a consultation. Once they assess your space, they can provide a recommendation. Give us a call: 972-291-0740 or schedule service online.
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Ductless Heaters in Cedar Hill and Dallas

Ductless heating and cooling units are viable commercial solutions. These can come in a few different forms. They do require connection with an outdoor condenser unit. You may be looking at a wall-mounted, horizontal ducted, ceiling suspended or recessed ceiling ductless unit. The difference from conventional heating is that these are not integrated with the ductwork in your building.
Dial One Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has been providing professional heating services in Cedar Hill and Dallas for more than 50 years. We understand that every business is interested in applying high-tech, energy efficient solutions. It may be that a ductless heater is a way that you can save time, energy and money. We can help you get started.
Make an appointment today to get an HVAC tech to assess your building for ductless heaters.

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Ductless heating isn’t a new solution but the technology has improved. In our mild Texas climate, you can get concealed or mounted ductless heating and cooling systems that work well through the short winters. It is best to get a pro to weigh in as you make this decision. You’ll need to understand that some ductless mini split or ductless air conditioner units only provide cooling functions.
There are numerous options that relate to the SEER rating and square footage effectiveness of units like these. Just like you would have an HVAC technician assess and recommend a furnace replacement, you want to be sure that you make a strategic investment. Not all ductless heating units are created equal. Some brands are better known for effectiveness or warranty coverage. We can provide insight into all of those aspects of the decision making process.
In addition to helping businesses in the area with ductless heating, the team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating can assist with other heating system needs. Get in touch if you need a new furnace or furnace repair, assistance with heat pumps or , assistance with emergency HVAC services.
We understand that how you maintain air temperature and quality in your business is highly important. It’s important to us as well. With over 50 years of experience helping businesses like yours, we are committed to being the reliable choice for all of your HVAC needs.
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