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Commercial HVAC Services for Your Business

Cedar Hill and Dallas Commercial HVAC Services
HVAC in your business isn’t just a luxury: it’s essential. Commercial buildings rely heavily on HVAC for customer and employee comfort and even safety. In the blistering Texas heat, we understand that Dallas businesses need HVAC and Cedar Hill businesses need HVAC. To keep your unit running, don’t skimp out on regular maintenance and on-time repairs.
At the first sign that one or more of your commercial HVAC units are failing or not operating property, give us a call: 972-291-0740.
Commercial HVAC Service in Cedar Hill TX
Our team of qualified commercial HVAC professionals can assess, diagnose and provide repairs or replacements. Can’t wait? We provide 24/7 emergency services so your daily operations aren’t disrupted by a breakdown in your heating or cooling systems. Tap here to schedule an HVAC appointment online.

Our Commercial HVAC Services

It’s ideal to get all of your commercial HVAC services form a single company. At Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating, we’ve been working in Cedar Hill and Dallas since 1965. We have a team of highly qualified, licensed and insured HVAC technicians who know how to take care of commercial systems. Our aim is to continue to live out our reputation as an honest and dependable resource for businesses in the area with our exceptional services.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services from Dial One include a comprehensive scope of work. We can take care of any minor or major repairs. Our teams have the expertise to assess and diagnose any commercial air conditioning issues and provide recommendations for the best course of action.


Dallas and Cedar Hill enjoy warm, year-round climates. When cold weather strikes, commercial buildings may be unprepared. We can service any heating systems and get your business winter-ready so there are no strange smells or unwelcome surprises when the temp drops.


Professional furnace repair can take care of clogged filters, malfunctioning pilots and even broken thermostats. A furnace breakdown can pose a health risk to your employees and customers. We work in commercial buildings to take care of furnaces.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a vital component of your HVAC system. If a heat pump breaks down, your entire system will come to a grinding halt. Our team has a ton of experience and can provide installation, repair and maintenance for all kinds of heat pumps.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can have a dramatic impact on the health of your team. From triggering asthma or allergies to causing long-term adverse health effects. We have a qualified team of air quality specialists who can provide a range of products to improve the well-being of your staff and your customers.

Emergency HVAC and 24-Hour Repair Services

Commercial buildings often operate five days a week during business hours. If you have a breakdown or issue that will impact opening or regular operations, it can cost money. We realize that and offer emergency HVAC and 24-hour repair services.

Routine Maintenance

Wear and tear happens in any commercial appliance or system. To offset the impact of that, you should schedule biannual, routine maintenance for your HVAC system. This will ensure that small problems don’t become big ones and your unit lasts as long as possible.

Don’t stress about finances! We’ve got you covered!

Commercial HVAC Contractor

Heating, ventilation and cooling systems maintain the right temperature and humidity in your commercial building. Air conditioners may be single split or multi-split systems. Heat pumps cycle refrigerant through and various fans and other mechanical processes are in play. Because your air conditioning and heating are integrated with your electrical system, they can be an energy drain if they stop functioning at optimal capacity. If you notice your energy bill going up or your building not maintaining temp (regardless of thermostat settings), give us a call.

Hire an HVAC Tech For Your Business

An HVAC technician can come in and perform all of the essential tasks to get your unit up and running or keep it operating perfectly. Maintaining your heating and cooling systems isn’t just about avoiding disruption: it will extend the life of your valuable appliances. Commercial HVAC is an enormous investment. It will cost a lot to replace full units. Until your HVAC has legitimately worn out, you can keep it in great working order with biannual maintenance visits and quick repairs.

Commercial HVAC Near Me

Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has been a service provider in Dallas and Cedar Hill for many decades. Our family-owned company is committed to offering the highest quality service, affordable payment plans and everything you need for your business.
Choose us and never worry that you’ll be able to find a trustworthy HVAC service provider again.
Commercial HVAC by Dial One Johnson Plumbing in Cedar Hill TX

Signs Your Company HVAC System Needs Service

HVAC systems break down in many ways. Even when not damaged, you may see signs that your HVAC system needs to be serviced. Don’t ignore these. Even if they represent minor issues, those issues can progress and result in major repairs or replacement. Call us right away if you notice:
Any of these could be a sign of something like a refrigerant leak, mechanical failure or other HVAC problem.
Commercial HVAC will last longer and run better with regular maintenance and timely repairs. Give our team at Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating a call at 972-291-0740 or contact us online.

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