How Does Your HVAC System Improve Your Productivity?

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How Does Your HVAC System Improve Your Productivity?

Most people don’t realize how much they rely on their HVAC system until it goes out during extremely hot or extremely cold weather. When that happens — especially if it’s summer in Dallas — you’re going to call an air conditioning repair service ASAP. The urgency to restore an HVAC system isn’t crazy, though; an optimal room temperature is necessary for productivity, among other things. 


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What Is the Ideal Indoor Temperature?

As it turns out, humans didn’t just arbitrarily decide that around 70 degrees was the ideal temperature; our biology did. It’s hard work to keep the heart beating, the lungs breathing and all the other organs functioning at full capacity, so the human body gives off a lot of heat, much like an engine. Experts say that the human engine runs the smoothest when the ambient temperature is around 70 degrees. 


Interestingly, when it comes to productivity, studies show that women function better at slightly warmer temperatures than men, at least in an office setting. In one study, researchers found that, as the temperature of the room increased, women performed better on math and verbal tasks and men performed worse, illustrating the fact that temperature has a much larger impact on day-to-day activities than most people realize. 

Ways HVAC Improves Productivity

HVAC systems do more than just keep an indoor space at a comfortable temperature. They improve productivity by bolstering the following: 

Cognitive Functioning

When it’s too warm, people sweat, their eyelids swell and they tend to feel generally sluggish. The body slows down brain activity so it can focus on cooling itself, which, unsurprisingly, is bad for productivity. A responsive and efficient air conditioning unit can actually help keep the brain on track. 

Overall Health

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that HVAC’s health benefits only extend to air conditioning. An HVAC’s heating, humidifying and filtering components benefit the body in the following ways, respectively: 


  • Adequate heat increases the body’s ability to move safely. A study found that it only takes 45 minutes in a cold room to decrease the strength of elderly people’s most important muscles. 
  • Proper humidification prevents the cilia in human’s nostrils from drying out, which improves the nose’s ability to perform an essential function — air filtration. HVAC systems with a whole-house humidifier helps keep the occupants of a workplace or home healthy. 
  • The air filter in your HVAC system can remove dust, pet hair, mold and other allergens from the air, protecting you from many irritants that can upset the immune system. 

Technological Functioning

Have you ever tried working on an overheated laptop? The fan whirs constantly, the processing is delayed, and it can be hot to the touch. Electronic equipment functions best at a steady temperature and humidity level. Dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity can fry small components, one reason your boss should be quick to call an air conditioning repair service if your office HVAC breaks. 


One of the largest factors affecting productivity is sleep. The best temperature for sleep is around 65 degrees, according to the Sleep Foundation. Warmer temperatures at night not only cause discomfort and sleeplessness, but they can actually interfere with the body’s thermoregulation abilities and cause fatigue. 

Signs You Need a New HVAC

A new HVAC can give you the boost in productivity you’ve been needing, especially if you work from home. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your system? Here are the signs to watch out for:

Loud Noises

Your HVAC makes loud noises, especially when it’s starting up. The furnace makes groaning or banging sounds, and the blower is humming louder than it used to. These noises could just mean your HVAC has a loose part that needs to be replaced, and in that case, an air conditioning repair service can help you out. However, the noises could also be related to broken fans, blowers or motors. 


Increased Running Time

Do you hear your HVAC system starting up more often than it used to and staying on longer to reach the desired temperature? This could indicate bad coils or potentially a failing blower motor, in which case you could seek out air conditioning repair in Dallas. However, it could also mean that your HVAC can no longer produce and circulate the air in your home efficiently. 

Requires Lots of Repairs

If your HVAC system is fairly old, especially ten years or older, repairs will become more and more common. Paired with higher energy bills due to a struggling system, it may be costing you more to keep an inefficient system than it would to replace it. 

Contact an HVAC Specialist at Dial One

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