Why Does it Sound Like Water is Running From My AC?

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Is your air conditioning running? Or does it all of a sudden sound like the only thing running through your AC unit is water? When things get hot in Dallas, TX, there’s no harder-working appliance than your air conditioning system. It’s common for small damages to occur, some of which can result in the concerning sound of flowing water. 


If you’re hearing water inside of your AC, know that it’s a normal issue that needs proper service. Fortunately, Dial One AC repair in Dallas, TX is here to help you get the repairs and the restored peace of mind you need. 

The Role of Water in Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, liquid plays an important role in providing you with cool air from your air conditioning system. Although trickling water might seem to be the issue at hand, it’s a result of one necessary aspect of something called refrigerant in your unit. 


To learn what all of this means, let’s first go over what’s happening in the basic function of an air conditioner.

How Does Air Conditioning Work? 

Air conditioning units work by running warm-temperature air through an air circulation system where evaporator coils cool down the air before pushing it back out into the room. This process also gets rid of excess hot air, expelling it back outside through a fan.


First, an air compressor takes in the room’s warm air and pumps it through a long set of evaporator coils. These long sets of coils contain refrigerant. A refrigerant is a low-temperature liquid that absorbs heat and cools the air. After the air is cooled, your AC pushes this colder air into your home. 


This process doesn’t create new, cold air, but simply cools the air that’s there. Because refrigerant has absorbed the heat, all of the hot air it compressed now needs a place to go. It travels through the condenser, which brings down the hot temperature yet again and releases warm air out of the system. It’s released back out through the unit’s fan. This is why you might have noticed that the air blowing out from your AC unit’s fan outside often feels warm.

Is it Normal to Hear Running Water from My AC Unit?

Now that we know the basic process of air conditioning, we can understand where this running water noise comes from. When the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat through the evaporator coils, condensation gradually builds up on these coils. The moisture of this condensation needs a place to drain properly, so a pan collects it then pumps the water through the building’s waste plumbing.


When your AC is working correctly, the condensation flows directly into the condensation pan and through the designated drainage tubes. Sometimes, though, issues arise with this condensation pan. The pan can become cracked, moved out of place, or it might have been installed incorrectly. These are some of the reasons why you might hear the dreaded water noises from inside your AC unit.

Never Ignore AC Water Noises

If you ignore these types of water noises, you risk further damage to your HVAC unit. You also run the risk of all the excess water eventually leaking into your home. Nobody wants water damage, so get this checked out as soon as possible. 


Common problems associated with a broken condensation pan include: 


  • Refrigerant leaks (major issue)
  • Clogged condensation drain
  • Blocked tubes or pumps
  • Broken or worn-out drainage pumps 
  • Clogs in the air filter
  • Underlying issues from improper installation
  • Water leaks from condensation buildup
  • A buildup of excess humidity in your HVAC system


Whether you’re now hearing the running water in your AC for the first time, or it’s been happening for a while and seems to be getting worse, never neglect the appropriate inspection and repairs. 

When to Get Air Conditioning Repairs for Dripping Water

If you hear any water sounds such as dripping, flowing, or gurgling coming from inside your air conditioner, call your local AC repair business. Get the issue inspected to make sure it isn’t caused by a major issue!


If you see water running from your unit into your home, turn off your AC and get an emergency service right away. In the Dallas, TX area, Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling & Heating offers 24/7 emergency HVAC repair. 

How to Prevent Running Water in Your Air Conditioner 

The most effective way to make sure you don’t experience any problems with your AC, such as a damaged condensation pan or tubing, is to keep up with proper maintenance. Even though it might seem like your unit is running smoothly, in extremely hot or cold temperatures even major things can go unnoticed. During a season where you aren’t using your HVAC at all, things like debris, moisture or mold can affect essential pumps and wear down wires without any warning.

Schedule Seasonal Inspections

One of the best ways to keep your unit safe from expensive damages is to schedule seasonal maintenance inspections. Have a professional come out and fully inspect your unit for any abnormal signs. This also helps get your unit ready for the next season, whether you’ll be using heating or cooling more often. Neglecting routine maintenance is one of the top reasons people end up having concerns about more serious issues or damages. 

Fix Small Problems As They Arise

The sooner you fix a seemingly insignificant problem with your air conditioner, the better. Minor damages can lead to bigger and more costly problems over time. One small repair could potentially

save you and your HVAC from disaster next season!

Use Your AC Responsibly

Another smart way to prevent unwanted issues down the line is to use your unit responsibly. Air conditioning is a luxury, so try to treat it as such. Avoid overusing your unit when you don’t need to. Schedule regular breaks throughout the times of day where the temperature is more bearable. This will also save you money, electricity and future repairs. 

Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, Texas

Call a professional HVAC in Dallas, TX to address any questions or concerns you have with your home or commercial air conditioning. Calls regarding the sound of running water from an AC are a frequent concern we hear at Dial One Johnson. Get it fixed before it gets any worse!


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