Maintenance Matters: A Guide to Keeping Your Heating and Cooling Units in Tip-Top Shape

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When it comes to owning a home, keeping your heating and cooling system in good condition is important. When your unit is maintained properly you will continue to reap the benefits month after month. You will have a lower utility bill, an efficient unit all year long, less repair costs and comfortable air flowing through your home. 


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If you’re looking for an easy checklist to maintain to your home, read further. 

Change Air Filters

Air filters are an easy way to perform maintenance on our heating and cooling system. Changing your air filters is important to keeping your unit efficient and effective. Air filters will also trap dirt, debris and other pollutants. This will substantially increase your indoor air quality and keep you comfortable. 


Be sure to change your air filter if you notice your unit taking longer to cycle or if it has been a while since the last time you changed it. The best way to prevent any repairs is by doing an easy air filter change once a month. 

Check Your Thermostat 

The thermostat is responsible for sending communications to the heating and cooling system. Keeping it regularly maintained is important to having a reliable system. If your thermostat is up to standard, it can effectively communicate with your HVAC system and ensure you stay comfortable. 


Testing your thermostat is easy to do. Make sure it turns on and works properly when you switch it to ‘heat’ and ‘cool’. When you check if the thermostat works for changing the heat, wait for an audible click with the cycle of your unit. However, if your unit does not cycle on immediately or make a click noise then you may need a repair. Call your local HVAC company for heater repair if this happens to you. 

Regularly Check the Ducts

The ductwork in your home is responsible for distributing airflow into each room in your home. The system works by sending air through the air conditioner and then pushes the air back out through the ducts. If your ducts are not maintained well then duct leaks may occur. 


This can happen when connections between the ducts loosen and air seeps through. Leaks may also raise your utility bill because your unit will have to work harder to push the air through the ducts. If you notice that you have a duct leak in your home, contact a residential HVAC service company to perform AC repair

Inspect Your Vents 

Inspecting your vents will allow for a successful cooperation between your ducts and vents. The vents determine how much air is blown into a room, while the ducts pressurize the forced air. The easiest way to inspect your vents is to make sure nothing is blocking them. One of the main reasons why you may experience unbalanced airflow is vent blockage. Go around to each room that has a vent and make sure that there isn’t any furniture or decor.


Another thing to note, you should not close a vent in a room that you don’t use. Although this seems like a great way to save energy, it may actually increase the bill because of an imbalance of pressure in your ductwork. It is better to leave all the vents open to make sure your system runs efficiently. 

Upgrade Older Models 

Have you noticed that your heating and cooling unit is working less efficiently and cycling more often? If you answered yes then it may be time to upgrade your unit to a newer model. Upgrading your unit will allow for better efficiency, lower utility bills and a lower cost to replace the unit instead of repairing it. 

Clean Around the Unit

Cleaning around your unit is beneficial to your unit and your utility bill at the end of the month. When there is debris buildup on your unit, it may make your unit work harder to move past the blockage. The more the unit has to work then the higher your bills will be. It is best to remove debris often because it will ensure efficiency. 


Make sure to turn the unit off before cleaning to avoid electrical hazards. Use a broom or spray hose and clean around your unit. If you are uncomfortable cleaning inside your unit, call an HVAC technician to maintain your air conditioning system.

Seasonal HVAC 

A heating and cooling system needs maintenance year round. However, during different parts of the year, your unit is going to need different maintenance checks to function properly. During the winter you are not going to be using your air conditioner, so have a qualified residential HVAC service company come out and inspect your unit before you store it for winter. This will ensure that it is ready to start when hot weather comes back. 


During the summer, your air conditioner is going to be a lifesaver. Make sure everything is working properly so you’re not stuck without an AC unit. You should always schedule appointments in advance so that your unit will be cleaned and ready to work. 

Have Leaks Fixed

If your utility bill has a sudden increase, then you may have a leak in the air duct. It is important to locate and repair this leak right away so that you don’t waste money.  If you find the leak, then you can easily patch it up with a strong adhesive. However, if the leak is unreachable by you, make sure to call a licensed professional to inspect your AC unit and perform any necessary repairs. 

Residential HVAC Repair

Residential HVAC service is important for maintaining your heating and cooling systems. In Red Oak, TX, Dial One Johnson Plumbing, Cooling and Heating can ensure that your unit is effectively serviced and left better than it was found. 


Trust our qualified technicians to inspect your unit and find any issues before they become major problems. When we are finished with your unit, don’t be afraid to call us with any questions. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when we leave your home. 


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